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Gave up waiting for Audio Technica Air Dynamic series ever getting on the drop here. Ended up buying AD1000X from Japan via eBay. Can't wait to game with it :)
Here's hoping for a drop on the AD700X!
When can we excpect some drop?
no love for Grado sr225e? :(
If we dropped the ATH-700x I would be so happy...
I wish 700x too...
please update
Guys just to make sure are audiophile headphones with larger and better soundstage better than surround sound in FPS games like CS GO?
yes but you have to choose the right ones such as ath ad700x's or akg q701's this link will help you choose
When we will be able to buy these headphones?
I really want the Superlux HD 681 EVO :D
Since when are the hyper x clouds audiophile grade???
>Audiophile Headphones >HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
Kids, please stop doing this.
guys there is a SIGNIFICANT SOUND QUALITY difference between the 700x and 900x, difference in price is minimal, 900x is better soundstage for gaming as well as general music as well. only a few bucks more folks
Wish I have a chance to try out the ma900...
for when this go to drop???
I was trying to decide between the AD770x or V-MODA Crossfade LP. Seeing this drop on here might make the decision for me. How low did these drop in the old drop?
I really do want the AD700x or AD900x. I live in the Netherlands and they're like twice the price here, which is weird. Crossing fingers for global shipping on this one.
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You check ebay? I check its more expensive but i think of it as more trust worthy. also for al europeans, if the price is above 25 you have to pay like a 22€ import tax. does anybody know a way i can avoid that. let me know please. thank you :P
Yes. People should also vote for AD900x. In amazon japan, it's only JPY 2500 more expensive than the AD700x. That's only 20$.
Audiophile headphones + Modmic 4.0 is the only way to go, but if want a desktop mic, there are Blue mics for the prince of the Modmic. either way you ll get much better experience than with gaming headsets.
+1 for ModMic <3 I got one for my Senn 598 cans :)
Yo, the Sony MDR-MA900's are discontinued, so dont expect them to drop it anytime soon. You can still get it at less than $200 in amazon though.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for your patience. We are still working on sourcing these for you.
please update :(
The Audio-Technica ATH-AD900X has a much more neutral and less colored sound than the 700x with the same directional sound stage.
I bought the 700x first but ended up getting the 900x after I heard them. I would suggest just getting the 900x to begin with and saving money in the long run.
Though technically the Sony MDR-MA900 are considered the best gaming headphones (directionality/soundstage/clarity/neutrality/sound-separation), they unfortunately aren't distributed in the U.S. anymore. I think Sony sold them in N.A. for less than a year. My guess is because they were marketed as "Home Theater" headphones and they weren't carried by most major stores.
They're still sold in Japan however for a MSRP of $199, so maybe MassDrop could purchase a large enough order to make the international shipping worthwhile.
I agree with you 100%, and am super confused as to why the 700x is being voted over the 900x.
Why are there open headphones on gaming list? :-O One of the basic requirements is to clearly hear what's happening around you in the game, which is impossible when you hear every noise from outside. It's also good if your gaming sounds (usually lots of explosions;-) ) don't disturb surroundings...
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actually most studio headphones are closed to block out the sound of people talking in the studio.
you have it backwards.
You must not have had an open headphone. You can still pick up directionality even with all the outside noise. You'll be surprised by how little outside noise you hear when you've got good open headphones.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We're looking into the top options and will work towards sourcing them for the community.
Any update yet?
Anybody know whether I should wait for the AD700s or just get the AKG 7xx right now?
Amazon have the AD700X for $118 right now. I don't know if I should buy them or cross my fingers they will be for drop soon..
Glad to see this list is all open back over the hear which means we're looking at the right products. Lack of sennheiser on this list tho. Has anyone approached them for a massdrop? Would be amazing to get some HD650s here.
Its pretty hard to find a modmic, any one know where I can get one?
Modmics are on Massdrop right now :D
Are there any good options that include a headset?
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audiophile quality headphones and headset (mic) are mutually exclusive.
a $5 desktop mic sounds better than most headset mics.
just get a good headphone and attach a modmic to it. Gaming headsets are usually overpriced and not as good.