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Why no Neato botvacs?
Hi There, How much for shipping to Australia? Thanks, Julia
Hi Guys,
We just went live with the Neato XV Pro Vacuum, check it out when you get a chance:
I have a Neato XV. It has good suction, picks up where it leaves off automatically and intelligently navigates instead of randomly bumping into things. recommend it.
As Dave0x17 mentioned, the new series looks even better.
Neato is the clear winner from this list. Although they have recently released a new series which supersedes the model listed here.
i have seen the i robot at my friends house and think it doesn't work well my self
I have the Neato XV-11 with the pet kit (which makes it functionally identical to the XV Pro), and it's quite a nice device. strong suction, actually navigates intelligently to cover the whole area. Highly recommended.
Roomba seems like a better option than the Mint. The Mint is just going to pick up whatever the little pad picks up.<br />