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Now Available!

Thanks to rsay for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Orient Bambino Automatic Watch available.

SusanDrop Buyer

Orient Bambino Automatic Watch

Orient Bambino Automatic Watch

Any update with the talks on Orient and Seiko?
We've had some Seiko drops occasionally based on availability (one should be up this week), and we are talking with Orient right now about putting something together soon (although the details have not been finalized).
Could you guys take a look at these dive watches:
Is this polling still active? I'm very interested in this category of product
We're currently in talks with Orient and hopefully will have more to report soon. We also list Seiko watches every month or so, so keep an eye out for those.
I'd sure like to see the tan/blue version of the Orient Bambino as a choice if possible
The Orient Bambino seems to be well in the lead here. It would be nice if a drop for it could include the tan/blue version as a choice. Really like how the blue hands look on it
I came here looking for automatic watches, but it looks like a lot of the suggestions are Quartz movements. Is there some way we can weed those out so that we vote between watches which actually fit the title?
Thanks for pointing this out! I have disabled several quartz options. Additionally, we're working on sourcing the top voted products in this poll. For some of the options, it's a matter of timing/inventory and we will keep you updated with our progress!
Hey guys how long does it usually take for a drop like this to happen? I'm pretty new here so I'm not really sure how this works lol!
It varies greatly, but as the mod from Massdrop said, it will happen after the holiday season.
The orient bambino is the closest thing to dress watch perfection you can get for under 400$ Hope we can make this happen!
I wish we could get a seiko 5 drop, those are great watches.
Can we please get some watches for guys with bigger wrists? It's crazy frustrating when massdrop scores a great deal but I can't buy it because it's too small.
Hey guys,
As Kunal mentioned, Orient is getting ready for Black Friday so we will have to look into dropping Orient after this holiday season.
Also, we reached out to Parnis and we were not able to arrange a drop for now.
Hey guys,
I just wanted to give you an update.
An Orient watch drop might not happen until after the holidays.
I have also contacted Parnis and will give the group an update once I hear something from them.
The Mondaine Evo Day-Date Stainless Steel Watch is quartz.
I put up the Citizen NY2300 up. I also wouldn't mind if we can get the SKX007J2 up (the JDM version of the SKX007K2 up here now).
Hey guys,
I am currently working with Orient Watches to see what drop would work for the community. I'll keep you updated.
I realize that the Rodina Automatic won the poll, but if you are still working on getting the watch, you might as well go for the "Enhanced" version.
It looks similar to the watch currently on the poll, as well and the Kent Wang bauhaus drop currently going. In addition, it has the same movement, adds the date at the 6, and its starting price is almost $100 cheaper by default.
Sounds like that would be the best buy considering the non-enhanced version already won the poll.
Looks like most people want the Rodina. That watch normally sells for $120 shipped from the known reputable Sea-Gull merchant How much more do you guys expect to save from a drop ?
For comparison, there's currently a drop for the Sea-Gull M17--which is available exclusively from With 20+ orders, the price for me after tax and shipping is about $179. And if you joined that drop at the beginning, it's not expected to ship until 10/7, so you'd probably have to wait about 4 weeks to get it. If you ordered from, the everyday shipped price is $199, but you'd get it in a few days. So, is saving 10% ($20 off $199) really worth waiting 3+ weeks to you ?
Guy's we need the seagull to be cheaper. I want one BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
If the ST17 is an improvement over the ST16, it should be a pretty decent watch for the money. For a chinese movement, it's pretty good. I have a version of the ST16 (the CL-888) and though surrounded by controversy, it's actually a pretty good workhorse for the crap I put it through.
I proposed the Black Rodina, but now that I think of it, wouldn't it just be an option of the white one?
Hey Everyone!
Still working on bringing you a great watch from this poll.
We will let you know once we know more.
Thank you all for voting!
hey, any updates on the Rodina? If successful this will be my first drop so not sure how long these things take. thanks.
Hey everybody, we're working on getting the Rodina, I'll let you know the results of our efforts!
Any update?
Own a Rodina and can't say enough about how great the construction is.
The Seagull 1963 is hand-winding only, not automatic like it's description says. That said, I own one and it's a great watch.
Please Rodina, please.
Neither does the Nixon. It's Quartz, not Automatic.
The seiko S5 doesn't even belong with's normally $50-60 on Amazon on any given day.
plus that one is the kid-sized one. ...which match fine the demographic here :)
anyway, the chinese chronograph one is also out, since it is hand wind, not automatic. (not that it makes much difference, both are anachronistic, inconvenient means of powering a watch. whoever likes one like the other :)
Thats one great collection of watches. A little something for everyon.