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Now Available!

Thanks to rees for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Klhip Nail Clipper available.

KunalDrop Buyer

Klhip Nail Clipper

Klhip Nail Clipper

bring it back! I have one Khlip and love it. want more.
Hey guys,
Thank you all for voting. The Klhip Nail Clipper was the clear winner and now the drop is live!
Check it out here:
Ahhh, nice! Klhip DID give us the best discount: 20% off of their lowest in-a-tin price! Awesome!!
Uh, Massdrop! I think we might have an issue to discuss: Looking at the site today, it only lists the Klhip in leather case, and for $75. But if you look for a cached version of their site (here's one cached from 5 days ago:

) you can see they had the Klhip Clipper available in a tin for 'only' $65. I'm certainly hoping this drop is for the version in the tin. 20% discount on that price would be $52. But 20% discount on their leather-clad model is $60. And we all know the price is crazy high for let's just hope they scrubbed their site of the in-a-tin version just for this special deal on Massdrop...and it's the version they are selling here.

(Not sure why there are two images attached here. Sorry.)
Woot! The drop is (almost) live! (As of 1am the link doesn't resolve, but I'm imagining it'll work when I wake up.) 20% off is a 20% better deal than anywhere! Thanks, Massdrop!
Whoa...200 MORE votes in the seven days since I reported we were almost at 1300. Methinks there are a lot of crazy people like me out there. :D
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Hey guys,
Per @Mark's request, here's the current status.
The drop will go live sometime during this week, most probably the latter half. I'll give you guys another update on the day of the drop :).
Awesome! (Now I just have to find a way to hide this ridiculous purchase from my wife.) :D
Klhip wants to work with the community. We are finalizing the last few details.
The best estimate for the drop right now would be the second half of October.
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The engineering, finish, details are a piece of art. It's a joy to take it out of its nice packaging and the heft of it is great. From the moment you lay your eyes on it, you know this isn't a dollar-store special.
The lever mechanism is very clever, it bends back upon itself so that it doesn't protrude for easy storage. Once it has been transformed into "cutting" mode, it looks like a device that's ready for serious business.
Holding it in my dominant hand and cutting the nails on my non-dominant hand was pretty easy. A little awkward since the pressure is applied directly above the nail instead of at the end of the lever. Very little pressure is required to achieve a nice, sharp cut. Instead of regular (dullish) nail clippers that have a "springyness", the travel of the cutting end is smooth.
Using my non-dominant hand was a little more awkward but I attribute that to my clumsiness more than a problem with the clipper.
The biggest thing I noticed is that the cut nail has a sharp edge, but it's considerably less sharp than using a typical nail clipper. Normally I have to file my nails a little (on some sort of textured surface- usually my couch) to take off the harshness. This clipper seems to round the edge a little bit (it still feels sharp, just not as sharp). A very nice touch.
In my very scientific A-B test, with a sample size of 2, my typing speed prior to using the Klhip was 104 wpm, and afterward it was 118 wpm.
Overall, I'm definitely getting one for myself.
So what's the process now that you've gotten their agreement to sell? They send you one to make promo shots of, and then what? Do they send you a limited amount, or is it for a limited time period? Just curious what goes into making a Drop.
Any chance this will drop?
We're still in talks with them.
We'll keep you guys in the loop.
Thanks for voting!
We've contacted Klhip. We'll give you guys an update when there's a change in status.
Wahoo! Thanks for the update! (Speaking of which, I didn't get an email that this discussion had been added to...I'll dig into my settings to see if I can change that.)
Why hasn't massdrop done anything yet?
They say that they will get ahold of the manufacturer if there is a certain number of votes, and then it's up to the manufacturer. However, I wish they'd comment on here so we could know if they have taken action. You should message Massdrop, and also message Klhip. I've contacted Klhip twice but thus far not heard anything.
I never realized this was a thing... holy cow. $65? They look damn cool.... but I'd have to do some hard thinking on it.
If they can make us a deal for just the OEM clippers without the fancy tin box I'd be so down.
The best nail clippers I ever had was a $3 clipper that had a container that automatically collects the trimmings so they don't go flying everywhere.
YEA! We did it! We're now over 200 total votes! That ought to get Massdrop contacting Klhip (since that's the current 'winner' of the poll.) Keep voting so we can show more support! Thanks!!
Woohoo! He fellow Massdroppers ,thank you all for voting! It's only been a few days that I've had this poll up, and it looks like we might just get to 200 votes! Of course, then this interest request goes into the black box of Massdrop and who knows when we'll actually see an offering...but I hope soon.
Whoa! Thanks, everyone, for voting! I totally dig the Klhip clippers. I like how chunky burly they look. I hope this gets up to MASSDROP levels of voting! Go tell some friends, eh?