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Now Available!

Thanks to Soham1255 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Mionix Avior/Naos 7000 Series Mouse available.

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Mionix Avior/Naos 7000 Series Mouse

Mionix Avior/Naos 7000 Series Mouse

Why the old G502? From what I hear it's no longer being produced and taken off the marked in favour of the new RGB G502, which is basically the same, just more widely available and therefore cheaper, besides the RGB part.
Could u tell me about its issues?
I have the g502 for about 3 months now and am looking to replace it already, logitech needs to fix a lot of issues with it before people should invest in this massdrop
C'mon, Naos 7000! This thing is amazing.
I own the g502 Proteus Core, and it's by FAR the best mouse I've ever used. I don't plan on changing to another one ANY time soon.
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another thing, also suggest new types of mice that you would like to vote for.
ouroboros is quite good. it is made of very cheap quality items, and the customer service of razer is not quite good.
ourobros despite the fact that it is not so cheap is the best out of all i think . 2 different sensors+flexibility of shape + macros + lighting at night makes it a great deal
Customization does not necessary means comfort. I tried the Gladius and it felt just right under my hand.
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