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I’m surprised the QC35’s are where they are. They have been completely outclassed by the new Sony WH1000’s.
lol ANC headphones are not good bang for buck headphones
if you guys want ANC headphones I think the sony mrx 3s are the best just from seeing all the reviews
Koss KSC75, period. (The original, not the X.) And some distance below that you can start talking about things like Superlux HD668B, HD662 Evo, HD681 Evo, PortaPro, M40x and a few others on here. (And stop it with the bad jokes of including Bose and Beats and even Sony on such a list.)
Bose and and beats as bang for a buck xD. They would be quite the opposite in my book. If you really want bang for your buck, get a second hand dt990, hd650/hd6xx, ath-m50
And the shp9500 is decent if you want a super cheap product... but sound quality/$$$ wise, i would always go for a higher class and second hand product. Which is also better for the environment btw ;)
Will we get a massdrop of the QC35 after it ? 😍
Koss Porta pros are best bang for under $50.
Are the vmodas actually any good? Or just like beats? pseudo good.
they're actually not as bad as they seem. Definitely better than beats, but not as good as the ATH-M50, for example. Are they a true audiophile-grade headphone? no. Are they better than standard-basshead-crap-earphones? you betcha.
beats studio wireless? bang for your buck? really?
Yeah I know its a joke buddy