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Thanks to RohitP for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones available.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

To all of those who so dearly want the Audio Technica M50x's and have been voting for them in almost every headphone poll everywhere... Just keep in mind what you are getting, and make sure it is really what you are looking for. Youtuber Zeos Pantera has a few very critical and objective videos explaining why the M50x's aren't for anyone, and pointing out what else might be a better option. His original M50 review:

his second M50x review:
If you're looking for gaming headphones, he has a breakdown of good options.
Here is his review of a similar and comparatively priced headphone from Shure:
And here is his review of the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, which I currently own and recommend for their much lower price if you don't mind open back.
And here is his review of Audio Technica's open back option in this price range, the AD 900x:

I hope this helps people further refine their decision, and keep in mind, there are hundreds of headphones out there. Don't get a pair because everyone tells you they are the best. Get a pair because they will do what you want them to do to your music, games, or movies. Never be afraid to do more research. EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to mention, in this price range, Fostex offers an excellent lineup of planar magnetic headphones. Just jeep in mind you will definitely need a proper amp for these.
As I've stated in a few of the other headphone polls, I bought the M50X's as an impulse buy based on overrated reviews and really regret it.. There are so many better options out there in the sub $200 range imo. I really wish I could take them back. The M50X's imo aren't fun to listen to and have ABSOLUTELY NO SOUNDSTAGE for music listening or for gaming alike. I highly recommend people trying them in store, as they are common and easy to find, before purchasing. If you're using them for gaming because you've read all the hype I would advise against it, I used to have a Razer Tiamat 7.1 and even those were better for pinpointing accuracy and footsteps than the M50X's. That's just my 2 cents though, buyers beware!
I'm not sure why the ATH M50's are beating out the HD 598s. The HD 598 are much better sounding headphones.
Why would you post such an impossibly vague poll? Is this simply a popularity contest? Is it a headcount for the Massdrop audiophile community? Every single person is going to have a different opinion at this price point. I can already think of about 6 sets of cans that I really like that aren't among the 40 or so that are on here already.
Are we hoping for a drop or just trying to see who the cool kids are? Apparently they are the M50 fanboys on this site. Question answered.
Well personally the problem isn't that they're overrated (I really enjoy mine), but rather it's automatically voted by most people and that isn't helpful if you already have it. Would like to see something else like the MSR7 in a real drop (the previous drop wasn't really a drop, just bundled with a headphone stand and modmic)
Also, the M50x is now selling for 119$
too many m50 fanboys lol
I own the ATH-AD500X and I can confirm that they are absolutely stellar for the price. My first "audiophile" grade headphone (though I more consider myself an audio enthusiast rather than an audiophile as "audiophile" implies that I'm not an idiot when it comes to the technical aspects and terminology. I might be a mechaphile though.). Fantastic value and has an excellent soundstage (the element that most stood out to me).
The M50 is so overrated it's not even funny... there's no way I'd vote for them.
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only due to its popularity, I think the sound and fit is too fatiguing after short periods. I much prefer the DT 770's
No they are not overrated. They are not gaming headphones. For listening to music they are perfect!!
is there any way to do both of the colors of the M50X
What about the Fidelio X2. much better than the X1. Maybe not under $200 but is about $247 on Amazon
I'm looking forward to buying me a pair of ATH M50x s. I have bought the Razer Kraken 7.1 (not chroma) they sound good and have great EQ, but I still get issues with several games not supporting the 7.1 settings and if I downgrade it to 2.1 the audio quality somehow drops aswell. That's why I'm exited about the ATH M50x drops!!
And as far as I've used the Razers, they tend to hurt my head overtime, only occasionally. For exp. today they hurt and tomorrow and the following day they won't, it's very annoying, really. And I hate the round design on the cups aswell, glad the M50x's have them shaped for ears.
anything is goign to sound better than razer headphones.
anything branded "gaming" it's just a cheap and unrefined hardware that looks flashy.
i honestly think even beats by dre sound 100 times better than anything razer has to offer.
Koss Portapro lol what this is shit Check out the website Aiaiai for modular headphones with an understated design yet amazing sound. Trust me i have a pair and i also have the sennheiser hd800 so i know what sounds good. Over 360 options to customize.
m50x should not be placed beside HD598. come on. m50x is a bargain that one should buy at 150 or below.
finally sold my m50x on ebay. i'd say pretty ok for the money, but honestly they sound CHEAP. might as well vote for beats by dre, LOL.
should vote akg or sennheisers, much better sound than m50x. i don't know what is the hype with these, but then again the best selling headphones are beats by dre which really puzzles me.
PLEASE VIEW THE BOTTOM TWO SUGGESTED DROPS, BOTH ARE m50x but one is bundled with the m50x plus Fiio e6 amplifier plus the Zalman Headphone microphone, which I am assuming is similiar to the "modmic 4.0." The other is the m50x bundled with just the Fiio e6 amplifier which I posted due to the fact that it is entirely fulfilled by Amazon rather than a 3rd party shop selling on amazon.
Best headphones under $200 is quite a broad category, to be honest. The M50X is a good all-rounder, so no wonder it wins. It's also quite durable. I've taken my M50 on many flights, carried it around in a backpack, dropped it, and even stepped on it. It never gives up! However, it doesn't have the most natural or detailed sound. The Q701 should take the prize for its open-backed goodness. It is extremely fast, neutral, and detailed.
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When I was on the fence between the AKG K553's and the Beyer DT770's I asked around for people who had tried both and could compare them for me, most people I ended up talking to who had both recommend the AKG K553 over the Beyer DT770's for soundstage. I don't own the DT770's so I can't comment on what I prefer although I've borrowed the AKG's from a friend for over a month's time (and now have them on order thanks to Massdrop) and they're just amazing! Albeit they're both known for having the best soundstage for closed-backs and it seems to be a toss-up from person to person on preference from what I gather. A lot of people agree that the AKG K553's are as open sounding as a smaller soundstage open-back, Idk if I'd personally take it that far, but they do sound amazing! I would love to try the Beyer DT770's for comparison, but I've stayed away from buying them for worry of Beyer's signature sound being too bright for me.
I own and have heard too many headphones, including DT770 and K553, and I consider DT770 the better one in soundstaging, although the difference isn't drastic or subtle. K553, SRH840, ATH-M50 with Brainwavz HM5 pads (not those awful stock pads), and HD380pro are all pretty close in terms of soundstaging, almost kind of same-y and lacking depth. Spend time with K612 or K702 to get a taste of "real" soundstaging. HD650 is also a lot like those closed-backs I mentioned (again, discussing soundstaging only): in your face and not very deep, though 650 has appreciably more precision. In the case of those open-back AKGs and HD650, you'll want to look up what amplifiers are popular with them as they can easily sound worse than the closed-backs mentioned without a worthy amplifier, so you would end up spending as much or more on the amp as you did on K702 or HD650 themselves.
Come on, I want some M50X's!!! I've saved up for the bloody thing.
Please vote the Sennheiser HD 598 I really want a drop on them :3 !
Guys I think we all forgot the AKG Q701!!! I have added these to the drop, please do vote for them.
Lol audio technica is only entry level, vote for sensennheiser headphones they are the best out of these
What does that mean, only entry level? Their headphones are overpriced as far as I'm concerned, not providing the sound quality that comes with the price. A majority of their headphones are for the beats transitioners, looking for something that prioritizes looks, and still has better than average sound quality. Lol you have no point or argument, and just spout opinions.
oh hey look another drop with an m50x in it, I wonder what will win
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It's just mindless spam, outright.
Even things with the value of the AD500X :( Seriously, they're about $80USD less than the M50X on Amazon. Bargain if you ask me. That said, I voted for the M50X because I need some close-backs.
Me and my friend have both had the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. Great sound but his cord broke and a plastic piece in mine that lets the earpiece rotate and fold on mine broke. It was a very small piece inside the hinge. Just a little fragile and we are both pretty good about taking care of stuff to make it last.
Same here with an M50xBL. I look after my stuff well but one of the rotating earpiece bits broke on mine too. Thankfully the small cables within haven't broken yet so I just stuck it back in and as long as I am careful with it, it doesn't tend to come back out.
But yeah, not the best build quality IMO.