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We should add the brand new blue yeti nano to the poll. It’s the same thing as the blue yeti, but it is smaller
AT 2035 > hyped Blue Yeti
The AT has the better build quality, more compact design and sounds more natural. Just search for some comparisons and make up your mind.
Too bad the Yetis get hyped so much by streamers. Its a shame to tag this poll as "audiophile" imo, if you cannot even differ between a mainstream YT mic and an ambitious studio mic.
By the way: best out of all is definately the MK4 by Sennheiser which is actually being manufactured under the same conditions as the high-end Neumanns.
But the thing is tho, the yeti doesn’t need a stand for it, and it’s affordable and portable, while the MK4 is 300$ and not worth that price
@la567 @Zivio True...but if you're looking to spend money on the best mic for youtube, you're also looking to spend money on the best mic for twitch streaming and any other live streaming venues. Basically, if you're willing to drop more than $100 bucks on a mic, you might as well grab the best one available for a bit more. So the Blue Yeti Pro or the Razer Seiren Pro will do nicely. I do feel that I have to point out, however that unless you've got a 3d printer and are willing to print a shock mount through trial and error, the only way that you can get a shock mount that's compatible with the Seiren (both the Elite and the Pro) is to pay $50 bucks and hope that Razer has them in stock. The Blue Yeti is easier to get a shock mount for (though just as expensive, they're readily available on ebay, amazon, and other online retailers...just search for the Blue Radius 2). The only other options are to either get a Chinese knock-off shock mount or to outsource the 3d printed ones from people like me that own a 3d printer and have the STL files for it. They're both pretty huge take that with a grain of salt, I guess.
Hi, and I agree with la567
but an expensive price
the blue yeti pro got the best sound quality