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K712s in here? Where can I get them at or below $200??
The Philips X2 headphones should not be getting the 3rd most votes for the fact that they are not below $200. If someone has a link showing me otherwise then I will buy them immediately!
Guys vote for this poll, 128 gb Microsd
yeah drop it hard like skrillex
Lets do ath-m50x limited edition go !
Philips Fidelio X2, people. Please make it happen.
What's the status with the HD 598?
Hd558's @ 10% of the 598's votes; nearly identical headphones lol.
It's probably because they look better, sound a bit better, and the build quality is a bit better. It's the same reason people still buy iPhones even though they are essentially the same from the last year. The higher price inflates our notions of quality, it's all psychology. I personally voted for the HD598 so I'm a hypocrite. :P
The reason people feel the need to buy iPhones every year is because either they've physically damaged the device and don't realise that repairs can be had for MUCH less than the $279-swapping fee Apple imposes and/or their device (whether they're consciously aware or not) has slowed down due to the technological restraints (such as low ram or disk space vs what is commercially available at time of release) and/or via software "bloat" whereby code runs much more inefficiently on older devices, which has been widely recognized right after every new major iOS release.
I would be more interested by entry level headphones like the ATH-M20x
I own the Audio Technica Ath M50x BEST PURCHASE OF MY LIFE
when will we be able to buy them?
HD 598 pls
Would be nice to see the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 32 OHM or the custom one pro.
Is this still happening? Could really use some 598s
Whoever suggested the beats and street headphones needs to stop.
Not sure why the Philips X2/27 is part of this poll as it MSRPs for $299. Would love to see it drop but it doesn't truly belong here. Fortunately it's a part of a few other polls as well.
Please vote for x2s as they just outperform any others thx
Sennheiser has already recently dropped the street price on the 598s from about $200 to $155. In my opinion, I would buy the 598s over the ATH 50s any day (I own the 598s and compared them extensively to the 50s). I doubt Massdrop will be able to get Sennheiser to cut a decent deal. Philips is the headphone to go after. They don't discount very much. If I am not mistaken, the Philips listed in the poll is almost $300, not below $200. I just bought a pair of Philips 9500s from an etailer the same time Massdrop had them (about the same price). HIGHLY impressed. Would have been happy if I had paid their $200 M.S.R.P. I have over 20 pairs of phones so I know a little about this category and how good headphones should sound.
Any update on this drop? We've been over the 200 vote mark for a long time now.
M50x puhleeaasssee
I'm looking forward for the HD 598 drop for a long time my hd555 finally gave up after years of service and these seems identical in quality and comfort, cant go wrong with sennheiser.
So when exactly will this become a drop? We've reached the 200 voters already, and also on the winning hd598. Is Massdrop going to contact the vendor anytime soon? How long does this usually take?
Just wanted to recommend everyone here the philips x2. they have really made a breakthrough with the x1 much less the x2.
Hi everyone,
I have removed the Audio-Technica M50x Headphones from the poll. You can always requests these drops again and that will notify you when they drop next. This will keep the remaining options open for voting.
there are 4polls with over 200 votes with sennheiser 598 as the clear winner, are there gonna happen something soon or what?
STOP WITH THE M50 SPAM how many times can these be featured as the top post. They aren't even that good compared to other headphones.
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Pretty much. The M40s are actually a pretty good deal, but the M50s are overpriced at closer to 200$. Too many pairs of better headphones are available at a better price for them to be worth it. I don't really see where the hype came from in the first place though.
Spam, not hype.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We are aware that the Audio-Technica M50x Headphones are very desirable and are working hard to source it for the community.
Can you start this drop again? Everyone wants this M50X. It actually reach 3.8 thousand people. We will truly appreciate you open this drop again soon!!!
Would there be any way to get shipping to EU on the ATH-M50xBL?
when is the ath m50x drop beginning?
Scroll down to the "Headphone" section they are at a pretty good deal right now.
Also the $169 bundle with with Slappa Case is a pretty good deal. IMO. I just bought them about a week ago and absolutely love them