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Just added iSK HD9999 which has gotten a lot of good reviews lately.
I second this, would like to see these drop. Their mics seem good too
I love how the poll title clearly states under $100 but people are putting $300 cans on it. Ingenious!
Because they just want to buy that 300$ cans under 100$ lol
The Philips SHP 9500 needs a lot more love. I have them, the Grados, and the m40x from this poll, and Philips blows them all away. It does need a little burn in to soften the highs, but they sound brilliant. I just wish they had more easily replaceable earpads for when the time comes.
You know, I see that the ATH-m40x's are winning this pole, and from experience (they are my current pair) that these headphones are really boring. they have very little bass, poor sound-stage, and can be sibilant to the treble sensitive of us. Just want to make sure that people realize that these headphones are boring (p.s. if this does become a drop it should include a spare pair of brainwavz pads because the stock pads are awful)
I really like my M40x's but I agree with you that the stock pads suck, a pair of Dekoni pads are great with the m40x's. If the drop could be m40x with Dekoni pads for $100, that would be amazing
Can we just leave out headphones that are on every other poll? V-moda i've seen a few times, anything M series from ATH....
I have a pair of the M40x's. Had em for little under two years and they're holding up great. still sound amazing and I don't treat them as well as I should. Highly recommend them.
the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is on sale now, so if you want it go and catch it! ;)
wow.. a V-Moda Crossfade LP1 is listed here. And its picture is Razer Kraken???
Haha I came to vote here again just to find I had already voted a while ago... hope these M-40x's get dropped.
Why havent the M40x's dropped yet? It has been a while since they reached 200 votes.
we have to push more
I would love to see those m40x's drop
its all we need)
Hey guys. Just 28 votes remaining. Please share this poll. Peace
Hey guys. Welcome to my poll. Please add your favorable headphones here. Lets push best goods to the mass.