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bose will never drop their price,,,,, go for denon/hk/riva s.. ue boom sounds shit
UE Boom 2 Sounds awesome, actually. And it's waterproof.
Bose? Where we're going we don't need Bose.
I think everyone should vote for the sonos because they have great sound and don't have to rely on Bluetooth since it connects through your wifi. so you can play music from any where in the house. I own 2 play:1 s and they are awesome. To be honest
The B2 from audiengine is great! It puts to shame company's like Bose, Jbl and etc that are over price due to their name. We deserve to get good quality for what we pay for!
If the size and the power requirements aren't a big constraint, it would be much better to get either a t-amp along with some bookshelf speakers, or a set of powered speakers to fill a house. You could also add in a subwoofer.
T-amps: Dayton dta1ar (bluetooth built in)-$45 Smsl sa50 ( It doesn't have a bluetooth reciever so you'll need a separate adapter) - $66 Audiosource amp 100(doesn't have bluetooth but is class ab)- $120
Subwoofer (least to most expensive): Dayton sub 800/1000 - $100,$120 Martin logan dynamo 300 -$130 Dayton sub 1200/1500-$150,$180
Bookshelf speakers (least to most expensive): Dayton b652 -$40 Insignia sp213 -$50 Micca mb42 -$60 Dayton b652 air - $65 ish Insignia sp213 (Needs grill removal and subwoofer according to averagejoeaudiophile's review)-$70 Micca mb42x -$80 Pioneer bs22 - $130 Polk tsi100 -$140 Polk monitor 45 -$160
Dsp corrections for every bookshelf speaker aside from the polk monitor series, dayton b652, and insignia sp213 can be found on noaudiophile.
Active speakers: Micca pb42x -$100 per pair Monoprice 5in monitor (605500)- $180 per pair Jbl lsr305-$300 per pair Noaudiophile has corrections for pb42x
People, vote for the Super-M! Sound's the same as the UE BOOM but costs half the price, is also water and dustproof and fits in your pocket.
The boom is better than the mini soundlink. That thing sounds hollow. Vote for the boom or the full sized soundlink III. Unvote the mini.
Bose? Seriously.... vote on the UE Boom.. that shit is way fire in comparison. Soundlink is trash.
Love my Boom 2. Sounds much better than my sister's Soundlink.