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Now Available!

Thanks to Kukuzovac for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack) available.

KailiDrop Buyer

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

J. Herbin 1670 Ink (3-Pack)

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for voting We just went live with the Noodler's Ink along with some of their Flex Pens: Please take a look when you get a chance.
Where the hell did you get that price for Yama-guri?
The msrp for these inks are a lot lower than what I have seen at the stores in US.
some shops will charge more than the msrp if they are the only ones that sell ink in the area
Pelikan Edelstein Amber was their ink of the year in 2013. I tried it recently and I have to agree - it is a unique shade and a nice diversion if you're in a rut with darker colors.
who is jdog?