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Now Available!

Thanks to HGHarmon8 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Bungbox Ink (2-Pack) available.

LizDrop Buyer

Bungbox Ink (2-Pack)

Bungbox Ink (2-Pack)

Do we know what inks they are choosing?
Heheheheh. Very excited for this drop.....
I'm not sure I want an ink with an indecent act in its name.
What are you referring to? Bung simply means "a stopper for the opening of a cask". And box means, well, a box. I hope you're joking because if the name really bothers you that's a little sad lol..
I'm so worried I'm going to somehow stuff up the timezone in my calendar and miss out.. Pretty sure it's midnight here in Australia? So keen for this drop!
I need to join to see what the hype is about. :)
How do these inks compare to the Pilot Iroshizuku inks? Thanks.
Do we have a ballpark idea of price?
If the group buys made on reddit can be used as a base, should be something like 30 to 35 dollars each.
I'm in!
Shame they removed some of the colors... i guess this drop is more for first time bung box buyers. Dandyism and piano mahogany ftw!
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"For the win"
Why not L'amant? :(
What's the estimate on cost per bottle? Or is that too premature?
Price for group buys in the past have been around $30 per bottle including shipping. When I ordered 4 bottles directly from bung box, the price including shipping was about $27 per bottle. If this drop can get the price down to $25 a bottle, it would be an incredible deal. Hoping the shipping charges are reasonable.
Oh I'm sorry to see that some colors are not available any more. I would love to see the Omaezaki Sky ink.
Its a little less saturated than the other inks but still very nice, Sea and Sky are awesome though. Sea might even be better than Sapphire.
My nipples explode with delight.
AWESOME!!! Been after bung box sapphire for ages!!!!
Tears of a Clown is my favorite fountain pen ink. Absolutely amazing deep rich burgundy with nice shading and perfect flow.
OMG! I've been looking forward to try some of these ink for a while. Can't wait for this to actually happen. I want all the colors!:P
It is not fair! Fujiyama seems so much lighter than it actually is.
I'm hoping this drop can get more seasonal colors since I already have most of their more popular inks, but either way, I'm definitely in for at least a bottle or two when this drop happens!
Edit: added more colors to the poll, happy voting!
Definitely will be jumping in on this.
Woah looking forward to this one. Since they are hard to get in Europe I'd like to try them
Single bottles of Green Tea are now available and in stock. Not sure if it's worth adding to the poll, but if the group buy expands its selections, I'm sure a few people might want a bottle. Link:
I would really love a bottle or two of sakurasaku, but with only 100 bottles, it'd be pretty hard to secure for the community. Looks like I'll be buying some Sapphire here instead. Now, time to find a middleman for that lovely pink...
Sakura Saku, the one with the seal on top is limited edition to 100 bottles. The rest are all part of their line though.
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No, I had to contact them via email. I actually contacted them in Instagram first.
I managed to nab their last bottle by emailing them. Can't wait for it to arrive--in April. :L
Accidentally posted Ruby twice. Please ignore the second one!
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According to their website they will make a seasonal color if there are at least 12 bottles ordered.
You can get cases of 12 off season colors at any time, but I think she has very low stock in general. There have been a lot of community based group buys and I believe these inks are made by a single person (toning master) at Sailor.