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Lol Beats? On an audiophile page? Lol for a second time.
I'd prefer the beets over dre's beats honestly. Tasty beet soup > Crappy distorted bass
Guys how low will the final price go/percentage please respond
Matte black looks the greatest and most professional
please guys vote for me and for our country.......and don't forget the children!
ZdezZaphareon please stop
You could get something way better for less. Beats suck.
Agreed. You are basically throwing your money away when you buy BEATS as there are far better things you could get for the money.
maybe they're not the best headphones ever but I'd really love have a pair of these new studios. let's make it happen guys, we might get them to a reasonable price and not that outrageous 350.
I highly suggest you reconsider your choice and begin doing some hardcore research on other brands.