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I want the quickfire tk red soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad
So is a mystery as to when they actual drop a keyboard?
Does anybody know about the reputation of Flashget? I can't find much info about the keyboard or the brand.
MGK1 Plz
Please check out the Azio MGK1 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has an amazing build quality as well as Kailh Blue switches that are just as good ( if not better!) as cherry mx blue switches. It looks very similar to the K70 which I absolutely love and feels very similar too despite being half the price!
Kailh are garbage. The difference between them and cherry is incredible. Kailh have a lot more friction and break easily
Somehow the Flashget G600 seems interesting. Maybe because it has such a weird name and those red key caps.
Remember this CM Storm QFR has a nonstandard space bar or something, so it will be almost impossible to put a full set of custom caps on it.
i have had a qf tk for almost 3 years and its wonderful. awesome form factor while still not really sacrificing any functionality.
I have no use for linear switches.
Guys, forget the Zalman ZM-K500. I had this and didnt last a half of a year. I soldered out the switches last weekend for use in my custom keyboard project. The quality is terrible, both the PCB and the switches. I highly recommend to avoid it.
Now I have a CM Storm QuickFire TK with brown switches, the difference is unbelievable.
Load 3 more comments Either way, the keyboard is a piece of crap. A really expensive paperweight. Kailh has a bit stronger spring, and less sturdier plastic parts, and the tactilic leaf is .. um, that oxidation spot says it all. :) The typing is not as different, but on a longer session you can notice it.
Verdict: Im not saying cherry is worth every penny, but in the price/performance ratio race, it outperforms kailh switches. If you want cheap switches, you can buy Matias, and good luck finding keycaps. :/
Thanks a lot for doing that, really good pictures and I really enjoyed your description.
The reason I was asking was that I was intrigued by kailh switches as I am always up for trying new things :) Not sure I will bother now honestly, as they are not really that much cheaper.