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The Sennheiser HD25 are amazing lifetime headphones, getting them lower would be phenomenal
The Sony MDR-MA900 would be a great pick for a good inexpensive audiiophile grade headphone that would excel at both music and games (assuming you like gaming).<br /><br />The soundstage and imaging is superb because of the massive 70mm drivers. According to many people at, second only to the $1,500 Sennheiser HD800.<br /><br />It helps with games where you need to determine which direction something is coming from.<br /><br />They're also extremely light for having earpads this large, which makes them comfortable for many hours of extended wear.<br /><br />Also, because of that large driver they're able to be open backed headphones that still have good bass; a rare thing. There's usually a tradeoff between headphones having compressed closed-in sound but good bass or having a good open airy sound but having little bass,. These headphones have the best of both worlds.<br /><br />Of course, this is assuming Sony is willing to work with massdrop; being a giant mega-corp they could be stubborn.<br /><br />Does anyone know if a Sony product has ever had a successful massdrop?
It looks like this poll continued to run after the massdrop was listed. We successfully ran the DT770s a few months back so I'll be closing it now.
As much as I hope for it to work, I believe HiFiMAN has already pointed out they will not participate in group-buy pricing discounts.
No love for V-MODA? :(
I think there are too many options in this poll. Cheers,
needs more Audio-Technica ATH-A900X
Added AKG K550s. Good closed ear alternatives to the K702s/Q701s.
DT 770's are up!
Want this drop to go through, when is it going to happen :(
They were 230, you can still see the expired massdrop on the group buys.
@John Henry the ones in this poll are the 990 Pro's not premiums, slightly more expensive and we'd probably be able to save a bit more considering they're more expensive.
Thanks for the info... sad that I missed out on that massdrop for the 990s! Do you know what price they were offering for those?
@cole they already ran the 990 Premiums to great success. and @K, for the 990 Premium massdrop beyerdynamic offered all different resistances as options.
Too bad the 990's got added later. I hear that they're much better
Would these be for the 250 Ohm's or the 80 Ohm's? For the DT770 PRO that is.
Cole, we'll only run them if the pricing is superior to online stores. That price is pretty aggressive, so I'd imagine if we ran them it wouldn't be significantly cheaper, maybe around 10-20 bucks.
the 770's are on amazon for 179 atm. Do you guys think massdrop will bring them lower?
All about those 770s
Just as Simon mentioned, the M50's will probably not go for lower than $100 (which is what they are available for right now), and they cannot compare to the DT770's in quality. Please vote for the DT770's!
The ATH-M50s are already on sale (marked down to around $100) on amazon, so voting for a more expensive pair might serve us better. Just saying.
DT 770 Let's Go!!!
Everybody should look at madlustenvy's headphone guide on headfi! was hoping for the q701 to win but i'll settle with the 770's
Yes that's the one I'm referring to.
Although the ATH-M50s will probably win, I recommend against them. They don't have much for a neutral sound stage and their not super comfortable for those of us with big heads. Not only are the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PROs awesome headphone, but Beyerdynamic has done mass drops before.
recently bought Audio Technica AD700s for under $80.. very happy w/ them.. would recommend them for this mass drop