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Now Available!

Thanks to Dinerenblanc for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Havi B3 Pro IEM available.

WillDrop Buyer

Havi B3 Pro IEM

Havi B3 Pro IEM

We have tons of Asian IEMs set to go live in December, so stay tuned!
So are any of you Massdrop fellows working on sourcing any of these?
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Appreciate the effort Danny!
FYI, the VSD3S will probably have more appeal than the VSD3. Also, an optional silver cable upgrade is offered by Vsonic. AFAIK they are a 15$ add-on. Maybe that can be worked in too.
oh, also, the GR07 classic is nearly identical to the MK1 and cheaper.
I've owned the Havi B3 and I can say that they are not a good pair of headphones unless you are willing to put money into an amp.
Should pick something more consumer friendly.
The VSD3S' are phenomenal IEM's. I really cannot stress enough how much I love these things. I got them pretty much right when they were available for shipping to the US, and I've really struggled to find faults with them. Coming from some broken Shure SE215's these offer comparable if not superior sound for a fraction of the price. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to keep an eye out here!
I also own both IEMs and while I think the VSD3S is a step behind in build quality, it is also a step ahead in sound quality. You really can't go wrong with them. And quite frankly, the only reason I put them on this list is because I do enjoy them. Here's to hoping the Audio Techs and Havis get sourced as well.
Wouldn't mind the VSONIC GR07 MK2, if it's anywhere near as good as the MK1 it should be one of the best non custom IEM's on the market.
The new GR07 Classic is nearly identical to the older GR07 models(except BE of course) and costs only 99$.
Thanks for the info. The GR07s pictured in my poll is indeed just the GR07 classics, so if they do choose to source them, I hope the price would reflect what they truly are.
Most of these are something that we can probably source. If community interest in there I can speak to the vendors and see if we can't set something up for everyone.
I would be incredibly happy if you were able to source the top 3.
Danny, that would be fantastic!
Now this is a good poll. The Havi B3 P1and VSD3S are already great value. Hardly any negative reviews. Will be record breaking if they drop.
Thank you Thank you *bows* We're more than halfway there. :)
You vote. Very lucky.