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Love the Nock Co. stuff. Carry a Lookout in my pocket and store some of my other pens in a Brasstown.
Does anyone have the Benny gold roll bag?
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Hi everyone -- This poll has collected a lot of votes, mostly for Nock models. We have been in touch and are working to make these available, stay tuned for updates as we have them and thanks for participating in the poll!
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Hi @GonzoTGreat,
The most popular options by far in this poll are the Nock cases, which I'm still working on. Last year around the time of the DC Pen Show they were uncertain that they could handle the predictably large number that the Massdrop Writing community would need, but IIRC they were working on plans to increase their production in the near future.
I'm still in touch with Nock, and I hope to be able to work something out soon, but in the interest of full disclosure there are no definitive plans for the upcoming months.
In the meantime, however, I'm working with another vendor right now to create a custom pen case that uses similar cloth materials. This will be a project that we'll need input from Writing members on, so once we get going there will be an email sent out to Writing subscribers with details. I'm hoping that this happens within the next month or two. :)
I hope this helps, and as usual, stay tuned.
Thanks, Liz!
Yes, this definitely helps. It helps to know this is still something you are following and attempted to put together. As for an alternative product, the Japanese rolls look snazzy and are popular when offered. Obviously they are much more expensive than Nock.
I'd be surprised if you'd be able to get an alternative, economical roll as a "Nock off" (I'm so sorry, it was too easy and I couldn't resist.)
But the mere fact you're in contact and working with Nock is hopeful. I'm optimistic that production increase will be easier to manifest than creating the product from whole cloth (or Nylon as the case may be).
Anyway, thanks for your attention to this and your speedy response to my questions!
I picked up all the Nock cases from the original Kickstarter that launched the product line. I use the Hightower most often along with a Rhodia notepad that fits right in - all Nock cases fit even fairly large pens like the TWSBI VAC 700. I'd love to see the the Saki rollups on a drop though - they are reminiscent of the pen sleeves that come with Nakaya pens.
The brasstown doesn't seem to have a flap to prevent the clips/pens from scratching each other?
The Brasstown has extra material at the end of the rollup so that when you roll all the pens up, each pen + clip is protected. At least, the original Kickstarter model did, which is what I have.
Heh I get what you mean now :) Missed that part out
I have the lookout and it is a very nice case. It's great because you just slide them in and put the case wherever you want. Would highly recommend...
The Brasstown sure looks interesting, combining the best features of two types of cases. The Hightower could make a great cover for a Field Notes or Word Notebooks or Doane Paper notebook, which all come in that exact size. I added their Sassafras as my third vote in this poll.