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Chief Product Officer
Jun 2, 2014
Hey Everyone,
These are awesome monitors! Our office is full of VS248H-Ps : )
Sadly (and this is the primary reason our office is full of them), the discounts available online already make the price too good. Even if we go straight to Asus, we probably won't be able to do anything meaningful in terms of pricing because $159 (after rebate, with prime shipping) is so low already.
You're better off buying these from amazon or newegg than you are waiting for a drop.
I'll see about the other options in this poll, but as a general statement, low cost monitors aren't going to be a viable item to drop. We'd need something silly like 2000 units sold before our pricing can get anywhere close to the big stores.
Will report back when there's more to report.
Jun 2, 2014
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