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Jun 6, 2015
This poll is for Conid fountain pens only. Please do not include fountain pens from other brands. Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small edit: as Jonas Heineman mentioned in another comments section, Massdrop is working towards an agreement with Conid, but it is unlikely to happen before the end of this year. Conid is probably waiting for Christmas to find more people willing to spend for their pens. Another detail: the MSRPs I added to the various pen are just a direct conversion EUR/USD at the rates of the day I started the poll, so I suggest you to consider the price in Euros found in the description. All prices are VAT excluded and don't consider import fees. A private US costumer, for instance, would have to pay that price converted in USD with no VAT, plus shipping, plus 2.7% import fees for fountain pens. All non-US costumers like me would have to pay different fees and eventual VAT(s), but I'm sure most of us is already pretty experienced in the field :).
Jun 6, 2015
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