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Hey Massdrop, this poll got lots of votes, but never turned into a buying opportunity. What's up?
I wish they had multi bulb add-on sets. The bridge sold with the starter kits works for 50+ lights (including the strips as one light) Not saying I want all the bulbs in my house changing color, but the room I want to use them in needs about 15 bulbs total.
Hey everyone, we're still working on the Phillips Hue, but for those of you interested in an alternative we have the ilumi bluetooth smart leds up right now at
Thanks for introducing the idea of this product to the site everyone!
@ Deudermont From my understanding fro a phillips rep their product is designed for indoor use only
This is pretty old, but these lights are still pretty awesome. We're going to reach out to some people and see what we can get going.
We did a poll on this previously for the Philips starter kit where @ianalitis said he was able to get these for US $43 at the wholesale price, so if we can get it anywhere near that I'd jump on this.
Are these bulbs 240v too for use outside USA?
I'm pretty sure all of these bulbs are only 120v
Would love to see an option for bayonet fittings too - for those of us on the other side of the ditch!
I think you would have better luck with that in another poll dedicated to bayonet bulbs. The only one I know of is the LIFX.