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any DSA for alps would be my vote.
Eve actually looks really cool
So how hard will it be to obtain solarized caps
I wish it was a more complete kit. As an ergodox user it is missing quite a lot.
Is the ez with the works worth the $350?
Deep space please!
What a simple rgb mechanical keyboard with a solid build do you guys reccomend?
solarized is what's up. I use the same theme for ZSH and some of my editors
hope that the new keyset will have as many options as the Granite
It's ashame that they havn't added a real picture off the rainDrop set. The set is simply gorgeus and that is something they current picture isn't showing. If it where to change we might acually have a chanse to see this set drop. #heartbroken
I'm surprised the Danger Zone set isn't higher up in the votes. Then again the original drop has over 1600 requests to bring it back. I just want it to drop again so I can buy it.
EVE is pretty
I tried adding an option for the PuLSE SA set, not sure why it's not showing up. Links:
Being that there was only one set of this made, ever, and it's been extremely sought-after (with auctions ending for $200+), I'd love to see this set come back for a second run.
Am I the only one that wants this set? Is there any chance of bringing it back?
Adding an option for Pulse will likely do nothing. Create your own mockups / kits. Get pricing from Signature Plastics. Once you have the details more or less squared away with Signature Plastics you can contact MassDrop via the Support link as a vendor and work to get a date set up for the drop,
If you guys want the granite colorway done and don't want to wait, create the mockups and kits yourself and post them here. Recall, the colorways aren't protected. If they were, sets like Symbiosis, Olivetti and 7-bit's Round X sets would have never happened; they're copies of already-existing sets from other keyboards and typewriters.
Last month matt3o said: "I don't think we will have more granite this year.... don't know, have to talk with MD"
It's not completely out of the question that we'll see another Granite run this year. I hope so.
god i want a set
This isn't going anywhere since the designer of Granit don't has the intention to do a 2nd drop this yeart
I would love to see more ISO Layout options. I've missed the MiTo DSA: Sci-Fi Keycap Set and since then ive never seen a Drop with a optional ISO Layout.
I'm looking for Matias aka Alps keycaps..... any body know of a good place to get them?
very few available. tai hao and kbparadise have a few sets. you can find old vintage alps keyboards and pull the caps. DSA lightcycle was made in alps, DSA granite was made in alps. Both DSAs are sold out and hard to come by now. I'd love for a DSA alps keycap drop here.
actually just checked pimpmykeyboard and their DSA granite matias/alps is in stock!!! get it while you can
Deep Space, Granite, or Symbiosis with a Planck set would be amazing
No love for Green Tea?
You must add the Cyrillic option this time, then I will throw money at you! Thanks!
penumbra, I fear you won't ever be under my fingers... ;_;
I wonder if they will allow another run of Deep Space. I thought they were done printing that set.
are the Otaku keycaps for cherry mx switches?
Please not granite again, I want something different.
raindrop pls pls plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls
Pretty sure they don't MAKE them in essence, just contact the vendor.
please do raindrop... wasn't the last run in like 2013?
Pretty lame attempt to get a free set of key caps if you ask me. The granite page already has enough requests (over 1k) for Massdrop to set up another run - it is all up to Matt3o, not this poll.
The Deep Space set is actually for sale right now if people are interested.
I'd love to see this go thru MD, but hit up that link for the next week for the current group buy!
How interested would people be in a Dvorak set? I'd really like to start a poll, but I haven't been able to find anything to actually put in it...
Can we get penumbra instead of just another granite drop? that would be nice