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Little Dot MK III does not have a DAC.
Guys Check out Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus. It has a tube pre-amp out and digital's a multiple purpose unit at a nice price. I'm voting for Maverick
C'mon people vote for little dot !
I think it'll be soon, 7 buys are ending in the next 2 days.
Must be frustrated with the wait, hopefully soon!
Fingers crossed that the buy is soon and shipping is fast.
Hi there! Quick update, right now we're working with Aune to make sure they have enough stock/production speed to handle an order as big as ours : ).
As a more immediate offer, we've run the Audioengine D1 (another poll option) with 154 participants.
Thanks for your votes and we'll be listing the Aune T1 as soon as possible!
I'm just as curious as the rest of you, hoping it'll be around real soon.
So when is Aune T1 Mass Drop coming back?
Ready to buy the Aune T1 in Black!
I'm looking forward to the Aune T1 buy!
How much would lowest price for the Aune T1 be? I'm thinking of getting it to pair with my Alessandro MS2, should be a good match.
I believe last time it was somewhere along the lines of $120, plus shipping.
Heads up to anyone interested, the buy should be along in the next couple weeks.
Would anyone like to purchase my Audioengine D1? It is in near new condition (i have had it for approximately 2 weeks now and it still has original packaging etcetera). I am selling it because i like the Aune T1 i purchased off massdrop better. <br />If anyone is interested let me know
We're working with Aune to build up stock on the T1 so we don't have to close the buy early. There is also a week long fall festival holiday in China right now so nobody at Aune (or anywhere else) is responding.
We'll let you know once we have more info.
Same question here, when will this start?
If I did buy an Aune T1 from massdrop, would it come with a suitable UK power adapter?
Awesome! Any idea when this is going to go live? one week? two weeks? month?
Hi Everyone!<br /><br />Looks like the Aune T1 wins again. We're working out the details but we should be able to re-launch the Aune T1 buy very soon. <br /><br />This time around we're trying to keep stock in the warehouse prior to the buy finishing. That way fulfillment times will be much quicker!<br /><br />Thanks for your votes and prepare your wallets, buys are launching soon : )
So what are the odds of us actually getting another aune t1 buy going on?
@hojomojo96 <br /><br />Pretty high!
For those who voted for the Fiio E17, note that i've created a new poll with the E17!!!
Added three more options to the pool. Check it out.
For those who voted here, the massbuy is back on