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Now Available!

Thanks to Jeremy1998 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Mayflower Electronics O2+ODAC(revB) Combo available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Mayflower Electronics O2+ODAC(revB) Combo

Mayflower Electronics O2+ODAC(revB) Combo

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the votes! We will start looking into sourcing the top results and keep you posted once we have more information.
The Objective2 + ODAC Combo with Rear Power would look nicer with the upgradable aluminum volume knob, anyone agree (see website)? Is it possible to have this DAC / Amp ordered with the knob pre-installed?
Also, does anyone know if if this DAC / Amp will power the AKG K702?
I see from the web site for the Objective 2 that a bamboo front panel is available. It looks sweet!
Audio Poutine's cdac+ seems very nice as well. Worth considering