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Now Available!

Thanks to ChristopherJ for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Davosa Vanguard Watch available.

ChrisDrop Buyer

Davosa Vanguard Watch

Davosa Vanguard Watch

voted for davosa ternos pro
Vote for the world traveler chrono. I can assure you it is the best value out of any Davosa watch and imo looks the best. Judging by the discount on previous Davosa watches it will provide the best value.
The Gentleman watch has been disabled due to very low inventory. It might be due to the model being discontinued or updated.
Hey all,
Place your votes to decide which Davosa watches we drop next!
Check out the Vanguard drop here:
Make this drop happen in the middle of next year! I'd love this watch to be given to me as a 21st birthday present in August :) I've wanted this watch for a long time but for a special occasion!