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Jun 2, 2013
We got a sample unit of this in, it's really awesome. All of the reviews we've read seem great too. Our pricing (if we get around 25 of them) is around $22 each, which is a hefty discount. The problem (as always) is shipping... It costs us around $10 to ship it to you, which brings it back up to LGS-esque prices. Soo... Help me out here guys- what can/should we bundle this with? I think the value is that much better if we pack it full of Ultra Pro sleeves, or booster packs, or something like that before shipping them out... what are your thoughts? (Keep in mind we have to "standardize" the bundle, offering lots of different types of bundles gets really messy for fulfillment and will kill the deal.)
Jun 2, 2013
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