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To be honest either the K&M 16085 or 16090 are the best. They work vertical or horizontal which is a big benefit. Not sure if you can do do that with ATH-HPH300. The HH 10 feels cheap. Trust the germans!
I know the HH10 was discontinued a long time ago, but if Massdrop can resurrect it at close to the original MSRP, I'd buy multiple. Any luck so far?
I need one of these ASAP been waiting patiently. Update?
Any updates? I'm pretty much just waiting for this. Haha.
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting. We will start working to source the top result for you!
Any updates? My desk is sitting pretty waiting for these stands! :)
I received the Chinese ones in the mail today. From what I can see, it's the exact same model as the Sennheiser. The only difference is that instead of the Sennheiser logo on the soft pleather and plastic round part, there is a Chinese character logo.
i had the AT HDP300 once, the thickness of my table was (slightly?) too thick, the jaws couldnt open wide enough, and the jaws-length doesnt go into the table deep enough, the screws were plastic and the clampforce wasnt sufficient.. so buy only if u have a thin table top..whatever "thin" is :P
Found this on ebay: Same as the sennheisers, it appears. Will give impressions when I receive it...
Why isn't there one that you can clamp the other way aka horizontally from a nice audio brand
For some of these polls I wish we could give more complicated answers. I wouldn't mind any of these, whichever is cheapest. :D
If you check the prices on amazon the Audio technica one is the cheapest (Might be different once/if a drop happens but that's at least something to go by!