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Have the A5's + the S8. [+1 on amazing] Used to run Klipsch Promedia 4.1 and thought they were good. No More
It has to be the soundsticks, I have some from a while back that are pretty beat up but they are still amazing, beautiful engineering and design, the sub lights up too.
I have the the A5+s and man do they sound Amazing. Yes they are large but their boldness is fit to their sound; rich and powerful.
Klipsch R-15PM +1 :)
A2's are solid but the A5's are definitely a better set. The one main gripe with the A2's I have is the fact that the volume control knob is on the rear which is incredibly inconvenient.
Having the volume on the back is a cleaner look though, and sufficient if you have software volume controls easier at hand on your keyboard.
Whats the +B though? the subwoofer? That would make it an instabuy for me if it's at the right price and contains the sub.
hi guys, how can we put the Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors on a drop?
really exited about this speakers.
I'd rather have the normal A2+, but I guess I'll take the Bluetooth ones if necessary...
Any chance of the A5+'s being chucked back on a drop anytime soon?
The A2s? Seriously? Much better options in this poll.
Not all of us have huge desks. A2s are supposed to be great for smaller desks,
I have a tiny desk and I've made it work; the A2s are never worth it. If you have to, get freestanding speaker stands to put on either side of your desk.
After a lot of searching and auditioning, I have the Incline's from Definitive on my desk. They are amazing, great sound, fidelity, and power. As a bonus, they are smaller and slimmer than most.
I ended up jumping on the Simpleaudio drop, buuuuut if Definitive Technology ends up being massdrop friendly that would be awesome... all their products are so awesome.
Tyll over at innerfidelity has reviewed the definitive techs and audioengine a2s The jbl lsr305 seems pretty amazing. It measures extremely well and stacks up against the adam f5 for much less.
The A2s are nice, but they are no match for the B&W or Definitive Technology speakers in this poll. That, and the A5s are currently on a drop, so why not just get them if you want Audioengine?
Not sure if Massdrop will be able to get a drop from B&W or Definitive Technology, as some vendors do not cooperate in drops, and the A5s are too large for my desk, the A2s are much smaller.