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Jun 15, 2014
Here's a set of measurements for the Beats Studios. Notice the cliff in the frequency response (top left graph) at the left side - no bass. Notice the big dip and hump in the mids - that'll make vocals sound really odd and coloured. Notice the big spike at 7kHz - that's right where the really piercing, sibilant "s" sounds sit. Prepare for pain everytime someone sings a word with an "s" in it. After that, the treble drops off harshly - this will sound muffled and veiled, like someone threw a blanket over a speaker.
It gets worse. Look at the distortion graph (3rd down on the left). It varies wildly with volume, and the distortion in the bass and mids is terrible. Now take a look at the square wave graphs. This is what you get when you play a square wave through these headphones (the output should be as close to a square or rectangle as possible). Not only do these look nothing like square waves (the 300Hz wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the weird bite taken out of the leading edges), but you can also see that the left channel is about 15% louder than the right (and about 30% louder in the 30Hz plot). That's just shoddy quality control.
Now take a look at the Fischer Audio FA-003 (also sold rebranded as the Brainwavz HM5, among other names):
The frequency response is much flatter, and extends well into both the bass and treble. Distortion is consistently low across the entire spectrum, and the left and right channels are much better matched. These headphones are available for just $50 (if you're in the US):
This is how much you are being ripped off. Keep in mind that the company that manufactures and sells Beats headphones, Monster, also sells $300 HDMI cables, claiming that they offer improved picture quality.
Jun 15, 2014
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