These aren't all Electrostatic Headphones, not even close. Why hasn't this title been changed yet? Also, I don't really believe that many people are interested in buying the highest end headphone, let alone enough to garner a low Massdrop price. The other HiFi Headphones poll has affordable choices to pick with the HD650 as highest-end. Check that out instead of this garbage poll. P.S. Where's the Stax, bro?
Uh, Sennheiser HD 650 and 600 are NOT electrostatic headphones. Sorry to crush your dreams.
Shame this couldn't work. Was gonna be all over that HE-400.
Just wanted to let you know that there probably will never be a massdrop of a HiFiMan headphone, it's just not happening, ESPECIALLY with the HE-400, which is already cheap enough.
Same :/
Welp. A Massdrop on the HE-400 would have tipped my headphone budget over the $300 range. Very disappointed that this isn't happening.
LCD-2 Rev.2 would be the best option given the hifiman disagreement. I must admit bias though.
how many votes will you guys need to renegotiate
Also curious about timeframe for a renegotiation because I want some headphones pretty soon. I would be fine with going in a different direction say LCD2 or even regular dynamic headphones like Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 600 OHM. I know MASSDROP has dealt with beyerdynamic in the past so that would probably be a viable option. There doesn't really seem to be many other options in this price range other than Sennheiser which would be ok with me as well. I'm not sure what the usual Voting -> MASSDROP lag time is but... I'm probably going to end up buying something with a few weeks.
When will it be possible for a renegotiation
If you don't like them, I mean. I'll most likely be keeping mine and selling similar low-tier headphones if I get one though. The LCD2 are one of my favorite headphones at meets.
Thinking positively though LCD2 can easily resell used or mint for $700+.
dam, i wanted in on this, but idk if i could pull the trigger on an lcd2 (assuming the price will easily be $600+).
yeah, I'd be down for the lcd2
Oh well, too bad for HiFiMaN. Now LCD2 is our winner :P
Shame, I wasn't going to buy one, but the idea of a MassDrop for HE-400's was going to actually change my mind...