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Sorry guys, we can't order nearly enough of these to beat newegg (etc). Gotta close this poll :(
The prices won't get much lower, or even as low as what you get at other places. Newegg and other online retailers order by the thousands in order to put items on sale, and at MSRP.
Don't expect much to come from this poll.
Stoked for these to start Can't wait for the cases and water cooling parts to start popping up
No World War III because banana will make peace
Banana will save you
banana is life
Vote 4 banana
Bewary non- us droppers.
Shipping usually kills any savings to be made. Prices tend to fluctuate daily and are already well below the MSRP for most cards at dedicated sites - (newegg, ncix, tiger,memoryexpress etc...)
These come around every now and then but your best bet is to look for daily deals on those other pc part sites or use pcpartpicker.
Sorry to be the debbie downer.
Guys what's up with the Banana?
stop voting for the banana
It's time for massdrop to start delving into the pc parts market. Show your support with votes!