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WE 702 is by far my first choice. I've been waiting for some kind of deal or the 2018 models with torx hardware.
integral handle. really slick milling. blade as nearly perfect in term of shape and steel (would like full flat instead of high flat)
also an amazing blank canvases for some DIY anodization.
Wow, I totally thought that the Szabofly had been discontinued. Same with the Spyderfly, that is one I really wish I could grab. Amazing knife, very unfortunate that it isn't made anymore, and as such, they're now very expensive.
Just IMO here, benchmades are pretty over rated just because they are so expensive...Blade Runners all the way
I want a butterfly knife but holy hell the people posting videos on yv are dorks.
Honestly, sure butterfly knives are cool, but they are dangerous and not at all practical IMO.
Balisongs are legal where i live and can be carried and used as long as the blade is less than 4"
The BM51 is a better knife here, hands-down. The handles on the 6x series are too heavy, and the knife is imbalanced. The steel on the 51 is also a higher quality IMO, especially when it comes to rust.
they both use the same steel... LOL
Is the Szabofly still in production? I would buy this in a heartbeat if it makes it, that or a Smallfly.
I'm wondering if any time soon we could get a category for camping because I would like to have actual quality products instead of "expensive and good looking"
How about a southard??
lol was going to ask how to sneak it into australia
I don't think Butterfly knives are legal everywhere. Pretty cool though
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Also depends on blade style - some places will allow a one-sided blade but not two-sided.
A two sided butterfly knife makes no sense anyways. The ability to quickly open them depends on one of the sides being dull.