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Jul 16, 2015
Truer words have never been spoken. I'm 6 foot 3, 195 pounds, and up until I went and tried on some Fjallraven's, I was certain that if I wanted hiking/trekking/technical pants, I'd just have to make them myself. That or settle for capris, because after trying on every stupid pair of pants at REI and never getting a single one to even cover my ankles, I had all but given up. I took a little journey to's headquarters and tried on multiple hiking pants. Then I tried the Fjallraven vidda pro long trousers on and I'm pretty sure a beam of resplendent sunshine shown down through the window upon them, making sure I knew that they were the most perfect pair of pants I'd ever worn. Apparently in Sweden and Norway they've finally acknowledged that more people than just short stout men buy hiking pants... Fjallraven, thank you for taking the bold leap in outdoors pants and making a 34 and 36 inseam. I've tried on Northface, Mountain Hardwear, REI Brand, Marmot, Columbia, to name a few, and their pants are only good if you're some sort of hobbit or grizzled dwarf making an assault on mordor and need hiking pants. Fjallravens long vidda pros are not baggy, but have room for layers, sit perfectly on the waist (not too high, not too low), are technical enough with sufficient pockets without being over the top and weird looking when you're back from a hike or climb and just want to go grab a bike to eat, and they're made from a durable clean looking material that won't pill or stretch out weird after a few wears. Tall folk - rally round - please vote for these beauties. As a side note, I tried on the regulars and the longs, the regulars weren't terrible and would still pass for some tallish fellows, but once you try on the longs you'll understand that whole beam of resplendent light thing I was talking about. Cheers.
Jul 16, 2015
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