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May 31, 2015
Bung Box and Akkerman are rather hard to get in the United States and have good reputations. Diamine is easier to into one's pens, but not as ubiquitous as Noodler's - they have a ton of great colors and the inks are well-behaved.
May 31, 2015
Jun 1, 2015
Diamine is as ubiquitous in the EU as Noodler's is in the US. But being Massdrop US based a drop for Diamine inks would be much more "exotic", as Noodler's drops are for us who live in Europe. Basically, in the US Noodler's inks are easy to find and with low prices, while in Europe only larger shops sell them and at twice the price of the US. Now some slightly modified copy-paste: in the EU Diamine's inks are easy to find and with low prices, while in the US only larger shops sell them and at twice the price of the EU. Do you get my point now? Now, the deal breaker would be Massdrop importing them directly from the EU. Diamine is UK-based, but considering how strong the British Pound is they might even find it cheaper in other european countries. Consider that in my reference shop in Italy, Diamine ink costs 3€ (~$3.3) for the 30mL bottle or 8€ (~$8.8) for the 80mL one. And that is the price without the discount that Massdrop might get for high volume orders. And a drop for 100+ possible colors would likely hit the roof. That said, it's really impossible to make a direct confrontation of the two inks to find an overall winner. The guys at Noodler's, in pure american style, love tinkering with new properties (Polar etc.) and fancy effects (Ghost ink etc.), while Diamine folks, with a much more British approach, focus on testing new formulas and dyes to get new and original shades.
Jun 1, 2015
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