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Jun 9, 2015
Small question: I would also be extremely interested in Sailor inks, as they're crazy expensive where I live. I see user scalablecory added them, but I'd like to know if the options for this poll were chosen after a preliminary agreement with a certain seller, for a limited group of brands. Truth is, Montblanc and Sailor are the largest brand that doesn't offer. Considering this, only Akkerman, among the original options of this poll, would be end up not being available through Gouletpens. But the Dutch brand happen to sell their inks directly through their website, so finding them wouldn't be an issue anyway. Can you confirm this, at least in order to help members make up their mind while voting? p.s.: Diamine happens to have a direct online shop too. The prices are higher there, due to the almost endless stock of every ink, but if you were to look for an extra-US agreement for the brand, probably talking directly to them would end up being the better solution. I don't think anyone could offer a lower discount than the manufacturer itself, as long as the order is large enough. And as long as they agree to cooperate, clearly.
Jun 9, 2015
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