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I have received notice that delivery for this drop has been delayed beyond Sept 6. Does anyone know the approximate updated shipping date? I've been patiently waiting for a month. I'm really excited and anxious to get my Lamy Dialog 3.
I would love to join this drop. But as I as I live in Canada i guess the Dialog 3 cannot be shipped to me. Is it possible that the next drop would include shipping outside of the United States?
Hi everyone -- Thanks for making this a successful poll, here's an update:
The LAMY Dialog 3 was popular and we'll try to run another drop for it soon. To be notified when it's available, click Request on the drop page: And you can request the LAMY 2000 or 2000 Stainless Steel here:
We also offered a number of Pilot Namiki models that we can't bring back right now, but will keep working to run again in the future. Here are the links to request those models: Falcon: Stargazer: Vanishing Point:
We ran a drop for the Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Collegia, click here if you'd like to request that we run the drop again: And if you'd like to see other Franklin-Christoph pens on Massdrop, click here to vote for your favorite models:
We were able to run a drop for the Pelikan Souveran M600, which was very popular and has already racked up a number of requests for another drop. You can request to be notified when it becomes available again here: Or you can vote for a different size of Souveran here:
The TWSBI 580 got a lot of votes, but the vendor isn't interested in working with Massdrop right now. We'll keep trying, and you can help by voting for your favorite models:
We've spoken with Visconti but don't have anything concrete yet, but you can vote for your favorite model here and I will do my best to make the most popular item(s) available:
I will check into the Porsche Design models that received a number of votes. There's been some other interest in Graf Von Faber-Castell pens, but we'll need a bit more support before getting in touch with the vendor, so please vote for your favorites here:
Thanks for participating in this poll and continuing to vote in others!
bought the Porsche design Fountain pen already, very nice and fancy pen
Thanks everyone for voting and getting your favorite fountain pen dropped.
Would love to see a TWSBI drop
There's been some recent interest in this, we'll see if we can make it happen.
Why are there two Lamy 2000?
Two people seem to have placed it as an option - would be ideal if poll creators could edit the choices if there are duplicates and/or irrelevant options.