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Dec 12, 2014
Hi everyone -- Voting for this poll has ended, but we're still working on some of the popular options that were suggested. Here's a final update:
The top vote-getter was the Model 19 from Franklin-Christoph. We tried to offer that, but the vendor wasn't able to make that model available right away. We ran a drop for the Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Collegia, you can click here if you'd like to request that drop again: And if you'd like to see the Model 19 and/or other Franklin-Christoph pens on Massdrop, click here to vote for your favorites:
TWSBI isn't interested in working with Massdrop right now. We'll keep trying, and you can help by voting for your favorite TWSBI models here:
We also ran a drop for the Vanishing Point. We're not able to bring that back right away but will keep working to run again in the future. You can help to make that happen by requesting it here: Vanishing Point: You can also vote for other Pilot Namiki models in this poll: Pilot Namiki line:
We were able to run a drop for the Pelikan Souveran M600, which was very popular and has already racked up a number of requests for another drop. You can click Request on the drop page to be notified when it becomes available again: You can also vote for a different size in the poll we've created to try and make more of the Souveran series available:
The LAMY 2000 and 2000 Stainless Steel have been very popular on Massdrop. If you didn't already join one of the drops, you can visit the drop pages and request another one: LAMY 2000: LAMY 2000 SS:
Edison was happy to hear of your interest, but won't be able to make anything available for drops until at least Spring 2015. We'll keep you posted as we have news, in the meantime please keep voting for your favorite models in this poll:
I have started looking into Sailor as well, you'll be notified if we're able to setup a drop for the 1911. Thanks for participating, please continue to vote for options that you'd like to see so we can have the best chance of making them available to the community.
Dec 12, 2014
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