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Now Available!

Thanks to tjt7a for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen available.

KyleDrop Buyer

LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen

LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen

If this is still open for suggestions, I propose the Pilot Vanishing Point (retractable) DECIMO model. It is slightly narrower than the plain Vanishing Point model. Supposedly made in request for smaller Japanese hands, otherwise the same excellent pen. Some people don't care for the clip being at the nib end. This does orient the pen automatically and if you hold the pen an "alternate" way it may seem awkward at first. Did not bother me a whit or affect how I held the pen as far as comfort. Good discussions online. Choice of nibs: M, F, EF.
Hi everyone -- Thanks for making this a successful poll, here's an update:
The LAMY 2000 was very popular and we'll try to run another drop for it soon. To be notified when it's available, click Request on the drop page:
And here's the link to request another drop for the 2000 Stainless Steel:
We also offered a number of Pilot Namiki models that we can't bring back right now, but will keep working to bring back in the future. Here are the links to request those models: Falcon: Stargazer: Vanishing Point:
We ran a drop for the Franklin-Christoph Model 27 Collegia, click here if you'd like to request that we run the drop again:
And if you'd like to see other Franklin-Christoph pens on Massdrop, click here to vote for your favorite models:
Edison was glad to know that members voted for their pens, but won't be able to make anything available for drops until at least Spring 2015. We'll keep you posted as we have news, in the meantime please keep voting for your favorite models in this poll:
And we've spoken with Visconti but don't have anything concrete yet, but you can vote for your favorite model here and I will do my best to make the most popular item(s) available:
Thanks for participating in this poll and continuing to vote in others!
Hi everyone -- I wanted to give you an update on progress getting some of these pens.
Edison is pleased to hear of your interest, but they are currently operating at full production capacity. Per the vendor's response, we'll reach out again early next year.
I have made inquiries regarding TWSBI and am waiting to find out if we'll be able to offer the Diamond 580 and/or other models.
I have made inquiries regarding Visconti and am waiting to find out if we'll be able to offer the Rembrandt and/or other models, as well as their pens cases.
I didn't link this poll to the drop because it's not the M200 you voted for and is well over $100, but there is currently a drop for the Pelikan Souveran M600 in Black, Black-Blue, Black-Green, and Black-Red.
Hey everyone -- Jonas here, I'm the new writing buyer and I'm excited to help the community source the products that you've voted for. I will get on these right away and send an update when I have some news for you all.
While the Micarta is a great pen, they aren't made anymore
Check out the fountain pens under $100 here: