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Yeah, if the DART and the FOX 599 got dropped, it would be awesome. Totes buying one.
When is this going to drop, I missed the last one and I want this knife so bad.
Theres a Fox 479 that's currently listed, but as Djinnitek said, they're designed for larger than average hands. I don't think people get that and just purchase it anyways, I was sure to put a warning on the post (although there's only a day left now), and I suppose I'll link this, too.
EDIT: Good luck with this, just found out that the 599 is listed as exclusive to their website :/ See link:
Fox Folding Karambits are expensive for a reason. They are a high build quality knife. My teacher showed me his, and it is a great size. A lot of American karambits have excessively large protruding blades and come in ridiculous colors because of CS:GO. The karambit is a nice size for my hands, and like a smaller blade, but would prefer one smaller. The opening action is interesting as when you pull it from your pocket, the knub will connect with your pants, opening the knife as you pull it out of your pocket. I also seconded the training karambit, because it is necessary to accustom and train with something that you won't accidentally slice an artery with.
Overall: Fox Karambit
-Nice Size -High build quality -Simple and effective.
The reason that it would be nice to get a drop on the 599 karambit is really simple: the other karambits that drop around here are made for larger than average hands. The 599 is made for smaller/average size hands. Whoever needs to, make this drop happen!
need stattrack pls
I want the folding karambit cs go skin, although it probably costs more than the actual knife!
i would love to see trainers added to this
I got the Fox folding karambit when it dropped last, and god damn this thing so cool. Love it. The way you hold it also allows you to work with your hands, so say if you need to cut a cable or thread intermittently, you can cut, use your fingers, and then go right back to cutting without having to pay much attention to how you're holding the knife.The build quality also is solid. And it's stupid sharp. I would definitely recommend it.