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The elite is Bluetooth so it should work with your pc as long as it has Bluetooth.
why isn't the elite dropping 4,000 votes?
Does the Elite work with the standard PC adapter?
With the standard microsoft xbox one adapter, yeah.
I'm surprised no one has posted mouse and keyboard lol. But I think the PS3 Dualshock controller was one of the best console controllers made
The steam controller really is pretty garbage. Kinda sad.
I have to disagree with people dissing the elite price. It's easily the best controller I've laid hands on. The levels of customization are quite terrific. Worth the price of adminssion.
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You seem to have a hard time accepting that other people can have opinions that are contrary to yours. Your assumption is that they're doing it wrong or that they just don't understand.
I'm glad you have a controller you love. For me, it's just on display with my controller collection along side a sidewinder dual strike and the power glove. In that aspect, it's a great controller. :)
I find that I have to catch myself a lot with the Steam Controller, remind myself that there is no objective "best" and that other people have different opinions... It's hard to not come across like that when most of the complaints I see are about things that I encountered and fixed just through getting used to it, but oh well~
I had to look up the Sidewinder Dual Strike, that thing looks funky. I'd love to use that thing just to see if I can do so effectively... Is the pivot joint just a hinge or multidirectional?
The steam controller kicks the Xbox One Elite controller's ass and it's a 3rd of the price.
I'd have to disagree.
im new here how long does it take for this to drop
I'd love an update/word on if this Poll will go anywhere. We know there's a bit of a shortage as it is with these controllers because of demand, so it's entirely possible massdrop won't be able to secure a deal for them. If it does happen and considering demand, how low can the price really drop? 125-120? Who knows if we get free shipping? All that said I'd love to get my hands on one of these guys and hope we see them on the site sometime this year.
If Microsoft is having trouble keeping these on retail shelves at full price, how likely is it to be on Massdrop?
I heard not to get the elite because they will be coming out with a new one soon. Maybe this is false information I'm not 100% sure.
As someone with a Steam controller... I mean it's interesting but it feels really cheap. To the point where I think I'm more likely to get a Rift than a Vive when it comes out if only due to concerns about build quality.
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I agree with fizile - the controller is very light. Perhaps that is what OP is equating with cheap?
HTC designs some amazing products, Valve does not.
The Xbox Elite Controller is way to much to justify at $150, the original works just fine at a third of the price.
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I doubt it costs Microsoft that much to make them. I just don't see the point of it. It's still shit in the same way other controllers are shit and it's still good the same way other controllers are good. Like you can't use it for CS:GO and it's still as good for racing games as the original Xbox controller.
The short throw on the triggers makes the steam controller ESPECIALLY poor for driving games.