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I've been doing a lot of research on budget subwoofers recently. And I've consistently read the Dayton Audio Subs, such as the 10 inch Sub-1000 outperform the Polk PSW10 in every thread/review I've come across. They're on sale too! But I'm currently waiting on the 12 inch sub to go on sale (Sub-1200) before I purchase.
I have been doing a great deal of research into a 5.1 system to replace my current Z506's that I use. I have heard good things about the system but compared to an "Non-Gaming" 5.1 system, I think I would go with a "Home Theater" system over them.
I have heard good things about these:
Either the 5.1 bookshelf or standing. Both apparently are great for the price. What I have been leaning towards is a custom 5.1 system.
Speakers (FL,FR,BL,BR)
I just threw this together today so I am sure it is terrible but you get the idea. It may cost more but you will get a lot more options out of it than a prebuilt. I am still not sure on the way I am going to go with this but if MassDrop can pull a good deal on the Z906 I would be down for that. Most of this research is my first time looking into serious Audio setup so if anyone see's anything that I missed /got wrong / or don't quite understand, please let me know.
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