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Hi everyone -- Voting for this poll is now closed, here's a final update:
We were able to run a drop for the Pelikan Souveran M600, which was very popular and has already racked up a number of requests for another drop. If you'd like to be notified when it becomes available again, click 'Request' on the drop page: We'd like to make these other sizes of the Souveran series available in the future, so please click here to vote for your favorite styles:
The LAMY 2000 has been very popular on Massdrop, thanks for making this possible. If you haven't joined any of the past drops, you can click here to request another drop of the 2000 in either or both of the available finishes: 2000 - 2000 Stainless Steel -
We also offered a number of Pilot Namiki models that we can't bring back right now, but will keep working to bring back in the future. Here are the links to request those models: Falcon: Stargazer: Vanishing Point:
I will keep working on the Pilot Custom 74, which has gotten votes in a number of polls. Thanks to everyone for participating, please continue to submit Requests and Votes so that we can have the best of offering new products and bringing back popular ones.
M800 tortoise shell please
I need a big pen for my size of hand, 800 or 1000 in any series
while not as Classic I prefer the rhodium trimming of the 05s. M605 green would be my favorite. I might be persuaded on the m805 but I have small hands so the 1000 would definitely be out
Hi everyone -- At 199 votes, I can definitely get to work on this. Many of the Pelikan options have multiple styles (M400-M600-M800-M1000), so please feel free to clarify you preferences by posting in the comments or editing the text of options that you added. Thanks for voting, I will get back to you with updates when I have them. -- Jonas
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M1000 > M805 > M800 for me.
Hi Jonas,
Please see if you can bring in the M800, preferably blue.