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Hey everybody, graphics cards are really expensive to make and it's impossible to get good prices on them. Places like newegg make ~15% profit selling them at full price. Anything lower is newegg purposely losing money to get you onto their site and purchasing other items. Right now graphics cards are not a viable product for Massdrop. Still, thanks for making the poll and voting , this is what Massdrop possible :D
*clutches heart, sheds single tear* A boy can dream.
I'll just never understand spending $500+ on a gaming card. The price/performance ratio is insanely poor when purchasing the newest/hottest computer equipment. There's always a sweet spot where it turns and you're starting to spend an extreme amount for each extra frame per second. I believe we have to use the MSRP because Massdrop negotiates with the manufacturer and not a reseller like Newegg etc.
@Adama I agree but some do that to not only have the latest and greatest but they sell it off before the prices plum it so they get most of their money back and pay little to nothing to enjoy a short time of insane performance.
Will they be lower than 50%
They will probably be 33% off or more
I'm surprised MSRP is so high on these cards. I got my Gigabyte HD7950WF for around 300+tax last fall-- I'll admit I got a good price, but most comparable cards were going for around $350ish. Hopefully these will see a big price break...
As a practical matter, the going price for these cards will be far below MSRP at most of the usual places (amazon, newegg, tigerdirect &c). But as the form requests MSRP and not 'going price', that's what people (myself included) are going to enter.