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I just wanted to follow-up with the community. We are going to be closing this poll as we never heard a response from the aliexpress vendor. As we feared, it was too good to be true.
We will always keep a look out to see if we can run a drop for graphics cards on Massdrop but as a heads up, given the tight margins on these products, it is unlikely (in the near term) that we will be able to secure a price for the community that is better than what you can find from existing retailers.
Stupid, I submitted a display. Switch it to a display request ;)
So do we have an answer on whether or not this is legit.
honestly, why would anyone vote for the zotac? EVGA FTW
This will never happen.
Hey everyone, we're looking into this. That said, I want to make it clear right off the bat that this aliexpress special deal seems completely fake. The seller has no feedback and the pricing they're offering is well below the estimated manufacturing cost for the product they're selling.
We'll update the group as more information becomes available.
Keep in mind that the 8xx series is slated to come out later this year, they may very well be looking into clearing out inventory since these are going to be in much less demand soon.
I use to work in the PC industry (manufacturing side) and the profit margin for companies like Asus and EVGA are pretty slim. So even if this drops goes through and you cut out retailers, it won't be a drop that people would want. When I was buying a motherboard with my employee discount, it ended up being the same price as Amazon except for the fact that I could walk into the warehouse and pick it up right away as opposed waiting for it to ship from Amazon.
Why zotac?
holy shit yes! About to start a group to see if anyone is down for this. Who would want to join?
All these GPU polls give me a headache. Massdrop has already said they couldn't drop GPUs because resellers like newegg only make like a 4% profit.
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Yeah, that's true, unfortunately. Although if Nvidia tried to tell me the Titan Z only makes them about that much profit, I'd laugh.
That's why you buy from AliExpress.
Damn i just bought a 500$ N780 Lightning today ._.
So is this even possible?