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When does this drop end ...?
When does this drop end?
Technically speaking, the R9 390 is more powerful than the GTX 970. However, I would personally wait for the new GPU's to come out later this year.
DO NOT REQUEST ANY EVGA FTW CARDS!!!! I have owned two, both came to me defective, and evga would not rma them! It is a money trap
They should have the MSI Seahawk
I have the MSI R9 390 Twin Frozr and it is 10/10 card. I love it, it's silent, it powers through every game I own, I'd love to get another one for a good price. Can't wait for DX12.
The sapphire nitro 390 is better than the MSI
No it's not
You get more bang for your buck with AMD, but you have to wait forever for updated drivers when new AAA games come out. NVIDIA is more on top of their games when it comes to software support. I've got 2x 7870's and I'm ready to make the switch.
Just saying, the 390 is a better card...
I would love to see any version of the 980 Ti come to the site. I have been looking to get one for a couple weeks now.
The margin isn't enough on these products. They won't get dropped because the manufacturer would only lose money instead of gaining it.
Not a fanboy so much as I have endured 2 years of battling AMD drivers. Never again.
AMD card will get better as well ,due to the fact that driver support is for the most part not there yet ,just because it's so early in the game.
Fanboys.... tisk tisk. This AMD card is better than the 970.
The 390 besides needing more power and producing more heat, destroys the 970 in performance in every game and currently it is $20 cheaper
surely the 20$ is worth the power saved over time