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Why hasn't a decent underquilt drop happened considering Massdrop has provided drops for other products from companies that make great underquilts.
I just bought a DD underblanket. I've been very happy with the quality, but when paired with my Kelty Tuck 22 I'm pretty cold at about 0C. It's a full length quilt, and I think with a little tweaking I'll be able to get it to hang better so I'll be warmer.
I have an incubator 0 with over stuff and just ordered a burrow 20 top quilt and phoenix 40 via their black Friday sale. My incubator is amazing....i once was a bit too warm in 10 degree weather. (Took less than a second to resolve...but it should give you an idea that their incubator 0 is a legit zero rating). Great vendor, great quilts...just bad timing for massdrop....hammock gear gets slammed every year on their Black Friday sale. Pick some other time and I'm sure they will be more interested.
that's a shame... I hope someone who knows more about underquilts starts a new poll, maybe with selections from a different company?
I have the Incubator 40 and also the Burrow 40. I got them with extra fill, so they are more like 30 degree quilts. These things are great. Compact and very warm. Hammock Gear tends to be conservative with their ratings, so a 40, is more like a 30 normal. I could easily go down to 20 with my setup. Perfect compliment to my Warbonnet Blackbird XL hammock
Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your patience and participation in this poll. When we first reached out to Hammock Gear back in November, they responded very positively to the idea of listing their gear on Massdrop. We teed up two listings and put together product pages for each of those items. However in the months since that initial discussion, after many outbound emails and phone calls on our part trying to confirm those listings, communication with that vendor fell off. We did not hear back from them for weeks on end, despite our best efforts to keep the momentum going.
We finally heard back from Hammock Gear this morning. Unfortunately it seems due to capacity constraints that we will not be able to do a listing with them anytime in the near future. Please see below for their response:
"We have been overwhelmed with orders this season and have been unable to focus on the projects we have pending. We hope to work with you again in the future. Thank you!"
As such, we will be closing down this poll. We hope to keep the lines of communication open with HG and potentially pick things back up where they left off when things are less busy for them.
Thanks for all the continued support and keep posting polls for awesome gear :)
quite unfortunate, was looking forward to purchasing an underquilt. Thank you for all you've done though Tory!
would love a 4oz overstuffed 0F Short Incubator with 4oz overstuff to replace my Phoenix 0F.
I'be been following this one because I'm in the market of a UQ. Any update?
Not all of their quilts are full length.thats why I asked.
Which one is it? Length= standard short or long?
I believe that all HammockGear underquilts are full length quilts.
Will we know in the near future if this drop is going to happen?
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for checking back in! I've reached out to the vendor several times for confirmation of the drops as well as to make them aware of these growing polls for their gear. I have not yet heard back. I will try to have an answer for you as soon as possible.
Thanks for all the continued support.
very eager to buy too! thank you for the update!
If we do get a drop for the incubator it would be really cool if we can select the 0, 20, or 40 degree model with appropriate different price points. I'd most likely want a 20 but I'm sure others might prefer the 0 or 40 model.
Cool so we have 200 votes, do we need 200 votes for the incubator then we can start this drop?
Cool so we have 200 votes, do we need 200 votes for the incubator then we can start this drop?