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Now Available!

Thanks to kaiser for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet available.

NelsonDrop Buyer

Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

One more vote! C'mon people!
Voting now to see if we can request the zippo wallet once again :)
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for creating and voting on this poll. After some wrestling with Zippo we finally launched the Stainless Steel Wallet, please let us know what you think.
Good luck!
Hey Guys,
Just to give you an update on these wallets. We can source Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet after we opened account with Zippo recently. We will keep up updated, but this should drop in January. Please keep sharing this poll and by the time we hit 200 votes, it should be live!
looks like a really good idea for general day to day
The ACM wallet literally shoots your cards out. Do you want to be Bruce Wayne or not.<br /><br />I want this. bad.