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Because, of the SS DAC/amps that I have, this one is my very FAVE.
but I didn't see it as an option, so....

Have been waiting for a drop on "The Element", comon everyone! :)
Lets party with benchmark. They are constantly rated as one of the best dacs out there and the amp is suppose to be equally impressive for the combo.
So is there going to be a drop because I need one asap
NFB-11 would be glorious. Audio GD is a pain to deal with without some sort of middleman.
So I'm guessing these won't be dropped again? :(
Wonder if Tyler from Mayflower changed his mind. He stated the last time these dropped he was never going to do this again, lol

what price range am i looking at? doesn't say at all.
Gustard a20h should be in the mix
Does Audio-GD even still make the NFB-15? I know the webpage for it is still up, but the product isn't listed on the products page. I have one, and while it does sound wonderful, when you have problems and have to send it back to china...lets just say you're looking at half the cost of it to use anything but USPS(assuming you live in the US of course). I got lucky that mine made it back after failing to be delivered, I made the mistake of using USPS, and learned from that. Luckily USB was the problem and optical worked out fine, sadly after years of owning it I've recently had sporadic static lately that I'm unsure of the cause with no good ways to test, especially with how random it is.
Guys, added the Fostex HP-A4BL DAC Amp w/ Balanced output to this list. This fantastic headphone amp at $399 MSRP is great for anyone who needs a balanced output or wants to upgrade-proof themselves. It's made available by a well respected Japanese company, so quality should be top notch. It'll be hard to find anything that's better value than this anytime soon. Product link:
Here is some discussion about it on Head-Fi:
Hoping for your votes on this to get a drop!
A DIY kit for the O2 / ODAC would be glorious
Give us the o2+odac and schiit stack allready!😂
Will either Schiit or Mayflower do deals with Massdrop ever? Looking for a confirmed answer so I don't have to wait.
Schiit doesn't do deals, so why they're always suggested baffles me. And unless you can acquire a huge stake in the company or commit to buying a huge run, it's not going to happen. I, for one, would love to see the HA-1 get dropped.
So how many more votes till this happens 2k? I'm bout ready just to go to their site and buy one at full price ( mayflower amp dac )
What about the Parasound Zdac v.2 it seems to be a gem of a Dac/Amp combo that is very overlooked and hard to find reviews on.

Regarding o2 + Odac rev (b) whether Mayflower or JDS labs. They both changed the USB input chip and most importantly the DAC to PCM5102a which is medium tier available on Dacs like the new Fiio Q1. Retail $69ish. Reading the NWAVGUY blog and unfortunately his disappearance, There isn't the exhaustive testing he performed on this new PCM5102s DAC. The original odac seems highly refined but it seems there were issues with the ess9023 DAC failures. As much as I am late to the game to miss the original band wagon for the ODAC. The new Rev B. Version seems Unproven. Using the same output filters on a different Dac is not going to garner same results. Otherwise one circuit/pcb layout would do all and we wouldn't need experienced engineers to refine the design for each circuit. Because of this I went another direction with a DAC, The Aune X1. It's tech specs are excellent and is feature rich in comparison to the ODAC+o2 combo. Granted it isn't super Bench tested like NWAVGUY did with a few. Almost ALL dacs on the market are not, which is ridiculous considering the prices esoteric guys like schiit, ayre etc. want to charge. Rant time: sorry... See I am confused, We Pay lots of extra money for example like Schiit for their cutting edge engineering designs but yet they only publicly admit typical "specs" of what we think we want to see. Same ole' Schitt. Now do not get me wrong, I have the Fulla and Loki and from what I gather the Modi Uber and Magni are all good values for the money market wise, but why so much more money for their higher tier products. The actual pcb parts costs couldn't be more than $30-100 more and possibly $30 more for chassis. (also factor in typical manufacture mark up of 2-3x for overhead profit etc.) So we are paying for "engineering" so to speak. So show me the Bench Testing Specs. to support the "Superior" engineering design. If I designed it I would be proud of my "Provable" test benchmark accomplishments. After all it is generally known 99% DAC buyers are looking for True "Transparency" from a DAC. Almost any other technology has extensive bench testing to prove its technical ability. So far at least NWAVGUY seemed to isolate what needs to be tested in a DAC and or audio design. The companies who actually design the DAC chip (TI,Sabre, Wolfson,AKM etc) spend way more in engineering costs (millions) to create and manufacture a DAC yet sell it for $5 to $70 for the chip. Why are we paying the end product makers SO MUCH more? The DAC community Deserves EXHAUSTIVE BENCH TESTS. I wish someone else would carry on the NWAVGUY Torch at least.
IMHO Reason is that human sound perception consist of 25% ear and 75% brain, we know much about ears, but we know much less about brain interpretation of sound, it's like a magic. So the audio-engineer have to test with group each detail hundred times for getting a good prototype out, also it must be very clever engineer gathering all the actual scientific information about hearing processing, either he will test the things up to the endless times. So you pay for time + research+talented engineering work+ knowledge + testing 40% (best case) and 40% for marketing and near-production costs and only 20% (most i think) for production itself.
Here, here. Having read NwAvGuy, I agree that there should be some objective testing of the DACs rather than rely on marketing hype.
Massdrop O2+ODAC (revB) DAC/Amplifier is Good then any other brand?
For this and other polls for DACs, headphone amps and combos there really should be some distinction made between gear designed for the portable market those designed for desktop use: the audiences only partially overlap. Some price context would be helpful too. For portable use I'd be looking for the Chord Mojo or maybe the iFi nano line but I wouldn't hold my breath on access to deals for either one. Desktop we're in Resonessence, Chord Hugo or Hugo TT, Ayre Codax, Mytek Brooklyn, Grace Design territory or, at a lower price point, iFi micro. Again not great likelihood of deals on most of those but they are solid companies with non-sketchy product support and a great track record.
OK, the Hugo TT is 4 Grand and Massdrop isn't only about a deal, I would much rather for the record know yes or no if MD can go to Robert and get a drop started on a Mojo or Hugo product. Chord is one of those unique lines that is available in the UK but with a markup to US customers who are restricted from buying in the UK. Massdrop gets my money for just about every unique buy which Chord most definitely is. So how 'bout it @Will, any hope we can get one?
Can MassDrop get Chord Mojo?
I'd really love to see the Oppo HA-1 get dropped. I already have one, but want to add another 2 to my arsenal without paying full retail + tax on both.
Anyone see the new Element amp/dac by JDS Labs? This thing looks amazing!
Like the big volume control on top. At $350 price it should handle 24-32/192. Yes there is a difference between 24/96 and above. Above 24/96 does sound better. WTF is up with the different modes on this thing, I would have to keep unplugging and plunging cables. Why not simple switch ?
>Objective amp >mayflower electronics >the same guys that claim that flacs and mp3s dont make a difference >the same guys that claim that amps do nothing but change amplification and have no effect on sound
u guys sure u want this amp? schiit makes a much more high quality one
O2 amp wasn't designed by Mayflower; it's just built by them. (Don't know about their quality; haven't ever purchased anything they've put together.)
re: mp3 vs flac -- I am willing to bet that very few -- if any -- people can tell the difference between FLAC and modern quality 320kbps MP3 encoding in a blind ABX setup.
"u guys sure u want this amp?"
ABSOLUTLY! Just sorry I had just bought two new headphones and didn't have the cash to get the Massdrop O2+ODAC that just ended. Hopefully they do another when I have the cash.
"the same guys that claim that flacs and mp3s dont make a difference" I don't know that I would agree that "NO one" can tell the difference, but I know I can't and believe the vast majority of people can't. I bet even most of the people that claim they can wouldn't do so well an a blind test.
"the same guys that claim that amps do nothing but change amplification and have no effect on sound"
That's not their position, they believe that an AMP SHOULDN'T color the music. That it SHOULD only amplify the music as it was recorded and the use should use the headphone of their choice to color the music to their taste or different headphone for different music styles. Many people agree with that. I personally would like the option of a bass boost so I can choose weather to use it or not. Still I want and O2+ODAC with the power in-put on the back and RCA on the back also.
"schiit makes a much more high quality one"
Why is is "MUCH more high quality"? Because they are "prettier". I'm sure they both sound great, but I want it in an all-in-one AMP/DAC design. Don't want a stack.
YES.. yes.. yes... I WANT.
will the schiit be removed if we flag it? just so we can eliminate confusion
Schiit does not do deals
ON "DEALS" We get asked all the time about deals, sales and other incentives, such as Black Friday specials, EZ credit, trade-ins, monthly payments, purchasing with 2 cards, and a whole raft of other “can I get a better price” questions.
So, here’s our position on sales, specials, financing, discounts, loyalty programs, EZ credit, buy-1-get-1-free, etc:
We don’t do them.
Why? Because when you run sales, specials, financing, or other deals, it has exactly three results:
1. It makes everyone wait for the sales, so suddenly your company is addicted to them. 2. It makes everyone who bought before the sales wonder if they got screwed. 3. It makes everything cost more.
Read #3 again. The simplest sales model is one where everything is a fixed cost, no sales, no promos, no special package deals, no loyalty programs, no EZ financing. And simple is inexpensive. Simple means we don’t have to pass the cost along to you. Anytime we do a sale, start a promo, offer a package deal, or start a loyalty program, we’re adding cost to our products.
That’s why we have one price list, no discounts, no sales, no promos–because it passes the savings along to everyone.
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The same reason Steam added the no price changes during sales policy.