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Now Available!

Thanks to obesecatfish for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Little Dot MK IV SE Headphone Amplifier available.

WillDrop Buyer

Little Dot MK IV SE Headphone Amplifier

Little Dot MK IV SE Headphone Amplifier

The JDS Labs O2+ODAC combo Limited Edition (desktop version) looks incredible. Rear power 1/4in jack, RCA outs if required as DAC only. I would take this over the mayflower and other JDS offerings anyday.
Newbie here... How long does it usually take until a poll closes? I see Mayflower already offers to do another drop and 290 requests since last drop.
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What's the difference between Mayflower and JDS? I'm really clueless when it comes to that.
The logo. That's it. They have the exact same innards. The amp and DAC are both open-source, so anyone can make them. Hell, /you/ could solder one if you know what parts to buy (you can even buy them from Mayflower and do the job yourself and save a few bucks).
Mayflower sells a variant with rear power. I don't think JDS Labs does. Makes cable management on your desk a little bit cleanlier.
The WA7 Fireflies is one of the most neutral tube amps out there, though solid-state amps are almost always more neutral-sounding than even the most neutral tube amp. So explain to me why - aesthetics aside - anyone should pay $1000 for that amp - let alone the extra for that vacuum tube power supply.
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I've got DT880's.
so keen for the mayflower amp/dac combo
I'm a moron and added the Woo Audio Fireflies WA7 after someone else did. Can obesecatfish erase my stupidity please?
What a gorgeous headphone amp.
God, the WA7 is seriously the most beautiful headphone amp out there. Sure, but can you tell me how exactly to remove it? It's only giving me the option to edit it, but not remove it.
Schiit says they never do discounts so they may not go for this.
Yeah I know, hopefully something other than Schiit will win.