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Now Available!

Thanks to headphoneguru for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit available.

DannyDrop Buyer

Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit

Bottlehead Crack + Speedball Upgrade Amp Kit

yay go project ember!!!!
I'm announcing the soft launch for the Bottlehead S.E.X. kit, you can check it out here:
Awesome, I'm in. Hopefully everyone else will see what an insanely good deal this is.
It's live guys, thanks for your patience, let's make this drop successful so we can do GBs on other Bottlehead products:
It's live, everyone! Make it happen!<br /><br /><br /><br />Edit: Doh, not fast enough.
I'd be thoroughly impressed if you beat me to the punch, since I was the one who made the product page. Thanks for sharing! You're awesome.
So what is the final shipped price ? Sorry if I missed it.
@mvrk10256 Assuming at least 15 people join, it's stated below the final break is 25% off the MSRP of $394 for Crack+Speedball. Thus, it should end up at $295.50 (probably before shipping).
@JDWarner <br /><br />Gotcha. Hopefully under $315 shipped. Man these non speedball versions go for like $350 on Headfi.
Teaser pic of the Bottlehead Crack + Speedball upgrade, here is a shot of all the parts: [pic] <br /><br />I got idea of the shot from Todd McLellan:<br /><br />GB will be up by the end of the day!
I am really excited for this GB, I almost bought into that yulong GB but this is much better.
Unfortunately the Crack doesn't have the output power needed to drive orthodynamic headphones, but the SEX does. I was hoping that perhaps the larger of the two would end up getting the vote.
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Hey Tristor, if the Crack GB is successful, we will most definitely do the SEX one next. Baby steps...
> That's awesome. Nice price. I do have a question about the pricing. Crack ($279) + Speedball ($125) makes it $404, no? Which would make it roughly $315 with shipping. <br /><br />When you pair the two together you get $10 off the speedball kit right off the bat. Check the website.<br /><br />&gt; Sorry, im new on Massdrop but can we (all of us at Massdrop) order more than 15 units or is it 15 max? and does if we can go for 15+, will there be bigger savings? <br /><br />We can get the savings if we hit 15+, currently there is no limit, we actually kept the quantity artificially low so that people wouldn't be turned off by the quantity size and more people will join. 25% is max savings.
Good news everyone! Got off the phone with Dan and final drop will be 25% off MSRP for both the Crack + Speedball package @ 15 units ($394 MSRP). We are able to get this exclusive price because of the package deal. I ordered a sample unit and once we have that in our possession we should have the product page ready to go! So start saving up your pennies and heat up those soldering irons!
Well it currently has almost 50% of the vote at 117 with second place (also being a Bottlehead) at 51 which seems like a good sign, also with 59 requested on the previous Crack Drop. <br />I'm not sure what the popularity was on the last drop but I would say it mainly depends on what price drops we can get. <br />Currently goes for $279 + $15 on shipping. Do or did they offer us a better price than their regular quantity discounts? <br /><br />They are also pretty slow on getting it out to you (<br />Demand > Supply ? so I guess I can see why this kind of thing isnt that interesting for them<br /><br />Honestly, thats a reason why the Project products sine on me a bit but you cant compete with the Bottlehead popularity. Also we better get BH badges included! ^^<br />Thanks,
I emailed them stating my intention to purchase a Crack and Speedball once it's posted here.
Thanks @mledu!<br /><br />@JohnJohn I'm trying to work something out lower than quantity discounts listed on the site.
Awesome news, thanks!
Submitted the Stereomour. I might be willing to join a group buy for the S.E.X., but the Stereomour is supposed to be a bit more robust for driving loudspeakers.
Looks like this poll has enough votes to get a response. Hopefully this will be a drop in the near future.
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@JDWarner Do you know which of the email addresses on that page would the most appropriate to contact?
Any chance of working something out with Garage1217?
Seriously, read the damn poll title. Get rid of anything that isn't a kit.
Why do people keep adding amps that aren't DYI kits? There are plenty of polls for non kit amps.
Not sure if that's logistically possible for Massdrop to do but I was thinking the speedball could be optional and purchased separately from the crack, I would certainly get both. This would give previous purchasers of the crack a chance to get the speedball at a discount. I doubt there would be enough interest in the speedball as a separate drop given the crack is a prerequisite.
@mledu It might be possible to do them in parallel. If a Crack buy was going very well after a couple days, a shorter duration speedball buy could spin up and have plenty of support. They've done similar things before (ErgoDox round 2 had a parallel buy for upgraded keycaps, for example).
Good to know. Thanks.
Would really like to see a second bottlehead crack group form!
I'd certainly like to see it go again, it would also be nice if there was an option to add on the speedball upgrade kit.
The Bottlehead Crack already had its group buy. Request it again I guess.<br />
@bubbly Thanks for the tip, that was before I joined Massdrop. Requested. Also agree with @mledu about speedball potential, though it wouldn't be a deal breaker if that were excluded.
Seems like the popular choices won't work well with my Mad Dogs.
Yeah, the Crack can be had for $237 if more than 10 people buy which shouldn't be that hard. <br /><br />I'll definitely be in for one
Cmon, take out the Lyr. Also, please get one of Project's products..
I wish this would get posted up as a buy. With over 75 votes, getting at minimum Bottlehead's stated 10+ volume discount on the Crack is cake; any more would just be icing on top.<br /><br />I wouldn't mind getting the Speedball separately, but my 650s need this amp!
Agreed, the Lyr should be removed. <br /><br />I added the Ember, the newest kit from Garage1217. More powerful than the Sunrise II.
The Schiit Lyr is not a kit and Schiit has made it clear they will NEVER DO GROUP BUYS. Come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Shazb0t @wolfetan44 @Nickpp <br /><br />Lyr has been disabled.
Is the Lyr a kit?